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Fitbit’s software update brings Guided Breathing Sessions and Cardio Fitness to Blaze

Its been more than two years now since the Blaze was originally announced. Loyal owner’s of Fitbit’s fitness focused smartwatch will be happy to know that, from this week, their tracker is a little more feature-packed.

The San Francisco company is rolling out a new update which includes several features. The update was originally scheduled for the end of February, but Fitbit delayed it by a few weeks to make sure “it meets the quality standards that consumers have come to expect from Fitbit”.

Fitbit’s software update brings Guided Breathing Sessions and Cardio Fitness to BlazeFirst off, the Blaze is finally getting the Guided Breathing Sessions, a feature that up to now was exclusively available on the Charge 2. This is a relaxing mindfulness experience that calms your body and mind through personalized deep-breathing sessions called “Relax”.

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The first time you go to the Relax screen you may be prompted once or twice to sync your tracker. To do so find the Sync Now option in the Fitbit app. What you will then see is a choice between a 2 and 5 minute breathing session. If you meditate daily you may be a fan of this, or if you are looking to get into meditation this might ease you in.

The next important update is Cardio Fitness. Also on Charge 2, the metric gives you a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalised Cardio Fitness Score. This is based on your estimated VO2 Max that is calculated using your user profile and resting heart rate.

The Cardio Fitness Level shows how you compare to those of the same age and gender, and ranges from poor to excellent. This is essentially a new way to monitor your overall fitness over time.

You will also get get guidance to take action and improve your score over time by increasing exercise frequency, intensity, or by reaching a healthier weight. The app says, improvements to your exercise routine alone could increase your VO2 Max by up to 20%.

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Finally, like all Fitbit’s trackers, the Blaze will also benefit from Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights. With this update, you will be able to find out exactly how much REM, Deep and Light sleep you are getting each night. The values are calculated by combining accelerometer data, heart rate variability (the time between beats), and Fitbit’s proprietary algorithms. You’ll also find your 30-day average and benchmarking stats.

Furthermore, the app will use all your activity and diet statistics to discover trends and then dish up personalized guidance on how to improve sleep. The more you wear your tracker to bed, the more personalized insights you may receive. You can choose to like or dislike each insight and send feedback directly to Fitbit’s team.

To round off the update, you will also get to choose from three new watch faces. All of these software improvements have started rolling out a few days ago, but Fitbit says it will take a while before they reach everybody.

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