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How a dementia tracker can help your loved ones

Diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are growing amongst senior citizens. These are conditions where the patient begins having memory loss and forgets their routine activities or sometimes gets lost if they step out of their house. In many cases, when patients go wandering, they are at a high risk of getting lost or injured.

If your loved one is suffering from such a condition, their safety becomes your top priority. With technology on a constant rise, a number of wearables have been developed that can help.

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Wandering is the most common behavior or symptom of dementia which, sometimes, can lead to cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment can cause memory loss and make the patient lost and disoriented. In this case, you may be in a constant fear of losing sight of your loved one.

GPS locators and Dementia Trackers can help patients lead a more normal life and keep their friends and family members notified of their location by:

  • Alerting you when your loved one wanders outside of a predefined area. These gadgets also automatically send you their geographic location just in case they do get lost and find themselves in a dangerous situation.
  • Enabling you to quickly locate and help them, saving you and your family member or friend the immense stress of a prolonged search.
  • Allowing the user to walk more freely with less fear of getting lost or forgetting where they are.

More and more people want to be independent in their senior years and so, if they are suffering from this disease, they can enjoy more freedom and independence. Noone wants to feel pinned in and kept against their will, which some people may feel when beginning to suffer from the condition.

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Some tracking devices come with a panic button which is helpful in case of emergency or if the person becomes disorientated or lost while on their own. It means that if your loved one is in any danger, they can press this button and you will get instant notification and the whereabouts of the emergency. You can further locate them with the help of the search and rescue services provided by these some of these gadgets. Panic buttons allow the user to have an extra layer of safety especially when originally coming to grips with the disease.

It is best to weigh up what is best for you and your loved one’s specific situation. If you find that the dementia sufferer is getting into situations that are at risk to their safety, a location tracking safety wearable may relieve some of your worry, and allow your elderly relatives a bit more independence.

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