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Boltt to launch its AI fitness product range next week

Boltt Technologies is preparing to open up its product portfolio for pre-booking on June 20th.

Demoed earlier this year at CES 2017, its AI fitness solution consists of a connected shoe, stride sensor, smart band and smartphone app. The company seems to have changed its plans to run a Kickstarter campaign, having raised $1 million from promoters and two seed rounds.

“We will be opening orders on our website. Post that, we will be available on all e-commerce channels. We are targeting India, the US and Europe,” said Arnav Kishore, CEO & Founder, Boltt Sports Technologies.

“The company is tying up with institutions across sectors such as banking, insurance, hospitals, fitness and sports chains. Our hardware and software will be customised to these use cases and used there.”

boltt to launch its ai fitness product range next week 3 - Boltt to launch its AI fitness product range next week
Image source: Boltt

When it comes to activity trackers, there has always been something missing. Sure, we get lots of data, and trackers are getting better at churning out these statistics. But for the most part, we are left on our own to make sense of the data and draw meaningful conclusions.

Boltt wants to change this with its new ecosystem of products. To show they are serious, they’ve partnered with Garmin, one of the leading global wearables manufacturers. Together they are creating unique sensors that will capture all forms of mechanical and cardiovascular body data.

boltt to launch its ai fitness product range next week 2 - Boltt to launch its AI fitness product range next week
Image source: Boltt

Boltt’s Connected Shoe is embedded with sensors to track advanced bio mechanical data, such as stride length, ground impact time, speed, cadence, distance, calories, steps and workout efficiency. The iOS and Android compatible Boltt Life App offers real-time coaching and useful insights and guidance, such as running form feedback, fat burn and injury prevention tips. In essence, it functions as a virtual fitness trainer that pushes and encourages you during your workouts.

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With 24/7 activity tracking, the Boltt Smart Band measures your hourly steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and flights climbed. The auto-sleep tracking measures your Deep, Light and REM cycles and gives insights to help you get a good night’s rest. The wearable also monitors your heart rate and keeps you updated on emails, calls and texts. When you’re not training, the health and fitness coach chats with you like a friend. It analyses your eating habits, sleep and activity patterns and assigns bite-sized tasks every day.

“We launched Boltt two years ago. Arnav Kishore was a professional tennis player and tech freak. We started with smart shoes that can track all biomechanical data,” added Kishore.

“Boltt will be a one-stop solution place for the user’s health and  fitness needs”

Boltt has created a bold vision – an ecosystem of advanced wearables and a virtual coach to help users improve their fitness & health. Can this startup really become a worthy competitor to Fitbit and the likes? Only time will tell. The team believes that the mobile application will be their biggest differentiator.

You can pre-claim the product on Bolt’s website on June 20th. The fitness tracker and sensor will be available for pre-booking, with the shoe to follow soon after.

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