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Bluetooth certification implies Gear Fit Pro announcement may be immanent

There is no shortage of rumours Samsung has new wearables in the works. It was widely expected the tech giant would unveil the products at the Tizen Developer event which took place on May 16th and 17th in San Francisco, but no such announcement was made.

According to specialist blog Sammobile, Samsung is working on two devices. One of these is fitness tracker called Gear Fit Pro, which will run on the Tizen operating system. The South Korean manufacturer has already trademarked the name earlier this year. The tracker bears a model number SM-R365, but aside from that little else is known.

In a new development, a device with the same model number has just received Bluetooth certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. This would imply than we are not too far off from an official release.

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It is rumoured that the fitness tracker will launch alongside a another new device called Gear Pop. It will ship under model number SM-R600, but again, no other details are available. The name implies that this will be a less expensive version of the Pro.

The devices are likely to be the successor to Gear Fit 2. They could even end up being a fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid.

Released in June last year, Gear Fit 2 came equipped with a slew of features, such as a standalone music player, increased memory storage, and a 1.5 inch super AMOLED curved display created with maximum visibility in mind. In terms of sensors, the major bump in specs came from the inclusion of a built-in GPS and barometer. The feature-packed device also sports a heart rate sensor, gyroscope and accelorometer.

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