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Amazon’s first wearable will be Alexa enabled smart glasses

Amazon is working on its first ever wearable product, a pair of specs with Alexa virtual assistant built in.

According to a report in the FT, Amazon seems to have hired much of the former Google Glass team. Babak Parviz, the founder of Google Glass, is said to be leading these efforts.

The glasses will be designed to look regular specs and would pair with a smartphone via bluetooth allowing you to speak to Alexa. Built into the frames will be a bone-conduction audio system that would enable the wearer to hear Alexa without the need for headphones. The smart specs are being built to take on Siri and Google Assistant.

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Citing people familiar with the project, the FT says the e-commerce giant is also working on a more conventional home security camera. At least one of these two Alexa compatible products should be launched by the end of this year, alongside updates to existing Echo devices. The new products illustrate just how important the digital butler has become to the Seattle based company.

While still a niche area, data from Juniper Research says over the next five years smart glasses are poised to become the highest growth sector of the consumer wearables market. The healthcare market in particular is seen as a hugely lucrative area.

An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment.

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