AURA Band: fitness tracker with bioimpedance analysis

bioring the personal trainer on your finger 2 - AURA Band: fitness tracker with bioimpedance analysis

Aura Devices is offering an interesting take on the all-too-familiar fitness tracker with a gizmo that offers bioimpedence analysis. In plain English, this means the wearable is capable of monitoring your body composition and hydration levels.

This is actually the second time the fitness band is being offered on a crowdfunding platform. The first campaign was cancelled in February due to a financial goal that was too high, and not enough interest. But the tracker is proving popular this time around. With 21 days remaining, the AURA band has already raised more than enough funds for product development.

This is due to the promise the fitness band will go well beyond the standard activity and heart rate monitoring. Mind you, you still will get these metrics. Its just that they will be combined with bioimpedence analysis allowing you to monitor your health in more detail.

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Just so there is no confusion. The AURA Band does not monitor your body composition and hydration levels around the clock. Instead, by pressing your fingers against the fitness tracker you need to make a loop, tap the device twice and then hold for five seconds in order to trigger an on-demand reading. The wearable will then measure the opposition to the flow of a low-voltage electric current through your body tissues to estimate hydration, fat, muscle mass and minerals.

The question of the day is, of course, whether the fitness band is accurate. The company’s founder told Digital Trends early prototypes have an accuracy of 90%, and that this will be bumped up to 95% by the time its ready to ship to backers. For comparison purposes, professional grade machines promise accuracy of 98%.

The company also wants to motivate you by offering virtual coins when you achieve your goals. Through partnerships set up by Aura Devices, you’ll be able to use these coins to make purchases of real-world products.

The usual warnings about crowdfunded projects apply. Still fresh in our minds is another hydration tracking wearable called LVL. The fitness band has been delayed for more than a year now and some of its backers have even resorted to signing a petition in order to try and get their money back.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open:

$55,442 raised out of $40,000 goal
21 days to go

Estimated delivery: August 2018

View on:

lvl fitness tracker that measures your hydration level - AURA Band: fitness tracker with bioimpedance analysis

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