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CES 2019: Garmin teams up with Mercedes on a Vivoactive 3 for drivers

German auto maker Mercedes-Benz and Garmin have teamed up on a Vivoactive 3 that lets your car know how stressed you are.

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Unveiled at CES 2019 alongside the high-tech 2020 CLA Coupe, the Mercedes-Benz branded watch is able to track your heart rate and stress levels. Once connected to the Mercedes Me mobile application, the timepiece communicates that information to the car’s dashboard (the Infotainment system – MBUX).


The vehicle will then figure out how calm or stressed you are and adapt accordingly. For example it might change the air conditioning, ambiance lighting, new-type seat massages, fragrance or music to keep you chill. If it determines you’re under emotional strain or tension, it will even go as far as plotting less rage-inducting routes.

“The aim is for passengers to feel well and relaxed even during demanding or monotonous journeys,” Mercedes-Benz says of the system.

The Mercedes-branded Vivoactive 3 comes with custom materials and display screens. It is expected to go on sale at Mercedes dealerships from March 2019. There’s been no official word on pricing, or what car models it will work with.

You won’t need the special version of the watch either as other Garmin wearables will work, too. The duo said the impressive stress-reducing features won’t be available at launch, but will be available at a later date. Earlier this week, Garmin has also unveiled an LTE version of the Vivoactive 3.

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