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Apple adds Fall Detection and Heart Health video to its Tutorial Series

Apple keeps adding new videos to its Series 4 watch Tutorial Series. The latest two provide instructions on how to enable Fall Detection and Heart Health notifications.

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The first clip is on one of Series 4 watch’s most talked about features. Fall detection has been made possible by improvements in the accelerometer and gyroscope which can now sample motion data 8 times faster.

To enable the feature open the Apple Watch app on your phone, scroll down and tap Emergency SOS. Then is a simple matter of toggling the Fall Detection option to the On position.

Your watch will now identify falls and trips based on your wrist trajectory and impact acceleration. If you’ve had an accident, the watch will open up an alert screen which allows you to initiate an emergency call. Fail to move for 1 minute and the device will automatically dial emergency and notify your loved ones with your location.


The second video walks you through the process of setting up notifications for high and low heart rate, and irregular rhythm. The previous generation introduced a number of heart rate sensing functions such as high heart rate alerts. This has been expanded now and Series 4 can send notifications of low heart rates. The watch also intermittently analyses heart rhythms and sends alerts for atrial fibrillation.

To enable all of this open the Apple Watch app on your phone, scroll down and tap Heart. Tap “Irregular Rhythm Notifications in Health” to enable this feature. Below it you’ll see toggle boxes for switching on and off high and low heart rate alerts.

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