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Suunto to begin move from Movescount to Suunto app in May

Suunto has announced it will begin enabling the import of exercise history from Movescount to Suunto app in May, starting first with select products. This is part of the transition which will see the Movescount app phased out.

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The Finnish-based company currently has offers different mobile applications supporting the same products. Needless to say, this creates some confusion amongst its user base.

In a bid to streamline its digital services offering, the company has opted to keep the Suunto app but remove the Movescount App from the iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore by the end of 2019. However, customers that have the app installed on their phone will be able to continue using it next year, as the company does not have a specific closing date.

suunto to begin transitioning from movescount to suunto app in may - Suunto to begin move from Movescount to Suunto app in May
Suunto App | Image source: Suunto

Suunto says it will start the user transition to the Suunto app this month. They will begin with  Suunto 9, Suunto 3, then Spartan family, Ambit3, Traverse and Traverse Alpha and EON Dive computers.

In order to make the transition you will need to download the Suunto app and ensure you have notifications on. You will be able to initiate the transfer of your data directly from the Suunto App once available for your device.

The data transfer includes your Moves and the associated exercise data including images and tags. It does not include your personal body metrics, routes, POIs, Suunto movies, groups you belong to, events that you are attending, training programs, Suunto Apps and device settings.

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