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Wearable devices that keep your children safe

Keeping an eye on your little ones can be difficult at times but modern technology has made the job a bit easier. There are now a wide range of safety wearables that are specifically designed for looking after your kids. Some use radio-waves and those are great for short distance monitoring. Others are more sophisticated and use a GPS signal to pinpoint exactly on a smartphone map the location of your child.

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By using these lightweight devices, parents can stay connected with their children throughout the day. While it all may all sound a little Big Brother-ish, it is an interesting use of technology to give parents peace of mind. We imagine these devices will be particularly handy for kids who are just starting to get into new routines, like attending a new school or walking around independently for the first time without their mum or dad.

Safety wearables should not be confused with fitness trackers and smartwatches for children. While some offer the same functions, for the most part these are distinct groups of wearables.

To help you make an educated choice, we have compiled our pick of locators and GPS trackers for kids safety. Each device includes a separate set of features and a unique price tag. We recommend considering everything before making a final decision.

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Yepzon Smart Tracker 4G LTE

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: Yepzon

Yepzon touts itself as the simplest wearable GPS locator in the world. With this little device you can keep pets, small children and things safe.

The waterproof gadget can be attached to anything. It has a temperature sensor, collision sensor, SOS alarm and geofencing. With a smart Nordic design Yepzon Smart Tracker can also keep going for weeks on a single charge.

To use, download the Yepzon app, activate the GPS locator with your smartphone, choose a name for your Yepzon device, and locate. There’s an option to share the access with family members, friends or care givers.

The thing has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity indoors to define location and use GPS outdoors. It’s worth noting, like most GPS trackers, in addition to the purchase price there is an on-going fee. One month of free usage is included with every purchase. After the free usage, you pay $12.95 per month (with 12 month service-pack).


KidsConnect KC2 4G Kids GPS Tracker

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: KidsConnect

Although not strictly a wearable, we felt the KidsConnect 4G, GPS phone deserved a place on this list. This smartphone for children is a great all in one safety solution that offers a host of features.

The device is equipped with GPS/LBS Location which allows real time tracking via the Android or iOS App or on any web enabled device. You can also see where your kids have been via the location history feature.

The SOS function, when activated sends a text message with the location to multiple cell phone numbers or a help center. It will keep auto-dialing the numbers until one is answered. For additional safety, you can send a text message to the phone and within a minute the phone will call back without activating the screen allowing you to monitor the kid’s surroundings via live audio. There is also a GeoFencing feature that allows you to set a predetermined area and receive an alert if the phone enters or leaves the area.


KidGPS Tracker

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: X-Doria

X-Doria’s KidGPS is a real-time GPS location tracker that pretty much covers all the bases in terms of essential safety features. Quick to setup and easy to use, the device lets you find the location of your child, anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet. KidGPS uses a nationwide, reliable cellular network to pinpoint your child’s location.

Only for use into the US for now, the rugged little gadget can be attached multiple ways. It features a built-in Help button, enabling your little ones to instantly alert you of their location in scary situations. You can also check-up on them via the on-demand location feature.

Customized Zones allow you to receive push notifications when your child leaves or arrives at common locations like home or school. For added safety, you share access to your child’s location with trusted adults, or revoke their access at the press of a button.

This is another device that requires a service plan. Costs range from $5.99 to $9.99 per month.



Tinitell was created by Mats Horn in Stockholm, who came up with the idea back in 2012. To obtain funds, he launched a project on Kickstarter which eventually raised more than $60,000. The device combines a voice-recognition wrist phone with live map monitoring features.

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: Tinitell

The rugged rubberised design is great for playtime. Instead of a delicate screen, Tinitell features a single button in the middle, and a plus and minus button on the side. The watch uses voice recognition to allow children to call one of 12 pre-assigned phone contacts. These are pre-programmed into your app, so you can choose who your child is able to talk to. For example, if a child presses the button and says ‘dad’, the watch will call the pre-assigned number linked to that particular voice label.

While you’ll have to buy your own separate micro SIM card, Tinitell wrist phones are also fitted with GPS, Wifi and mobile mast technology, so that you can see at a glance exactly where your child is. More advanced features are controlled by you via the accompanying smartphone app, which can be used to see the location of your children.

While the watch is not completely waterproof, it is splash proof and can withstand quick dips in water. All in all, this is a great little gadget for parents who want voice connection with their children without the bells and whistles of more sophisticated products.


Weenect Kids

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: Weenect

The Weenect system is comprised of a 6cm water-resistant tracker, protective pouch and a USB charger. Due to its small size it can easily fit in a bag or pocket.

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: Weenect

The device gives your kids the means to alert you of any problem by pressing the SOS button. They can even use the tracker to phone you. Like most other kids safety gadgets, Weenect allows you to set up “area zones”. You will then receive a smartphone alert when their child has arrived or left a designated zone.

Tracking can be performed using a live map, a compass with distance countdown or by holding your smartphone up. Assuming you’re pointing the phone’s camera in the right direction, a little icon pops up on the screen showing you the child’s whereabouts.

Weenect has a seven day battery life, can be used in more than 68 countries globally and uploads location data each and every minute. This makes it a pretty reliable option whether kids are down at the park or playing at the beach while on holiday.

Amazon | Weenect*

My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag is a bluetooth enabled device that helps parents keep their children safe in a number of different ways. The little gadget provides an out of range alert; water safety alert (to help prevent accidental drowning); panic alarm; and personal ID to help reunite a lost child with the parents.

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: My Buddy Tag

There are various designs to choose from and multiple ways to wear the device. You can even remove the round tracker from the wristband and pop it in a pocket or tie to a shoelace.

An added safety feature is an email alert with ‘Last Seen Location’ feature. This sends you an email with the date, the time, and last known map location (when the child wearing Buddy Tag is totally out of the bluetooth range from the phone). It is worth nothing, the range for the device is 40 feet indoors, and 80-120 feet outdoors, so it is limited.


Trax Play

Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: Trax

Measuring only 55 x 38 x 10 mm and weighing just 24 grams, this Swedish designed gadget can link up to multiple satellites and send its position, speed and direction through the cellular network directly to your smartphone. It provides you with a user-friendly solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your family, pets or what is most precious to you.

Trax is easy to attach with the included clips. There is a whole plethora of features including geofences, real-time tracking, scheduling, proximity fence, augmented reality function and more. Battery life is up to 3 days on a single charge.

Trax works in more than 40 countries and connects to the 2G T-Mobile network in the US.



Wearable devices that keep your children safe
Image source: AngelSense

The latest addition to this list, AngelSense is a GPS and voice monitoring solution for kids with special needs. It allows you to see your child’s routes and locations in real time and there’s a special “Runner Mode” you can activate to help you find them. This has more frequent 10-second location updates. 

Other features include alarms, transit monitoring, speed limit monitoring and an ETA feature for known locations and indoor wifi tracking. Finally, the gizmo also allows you to call from your phone to listen in or talk to the child.

AngelSense comes with pins that secure the tracker to clothing and a one year service plan included with the purchase. Currently the GPS tracker only works in the US.


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12 thoughts on “Wearable devices that keep your children safe

  • While these are all really great items, they’re a tad on the pricy side, and I find that most of them do nothing to PROTECT the kids in a dangerous situation. GPS trackers are great for the parents, but how will your kids protect themselves if they get lost or are approached by someone dangerous? I’m a fan of ROBOCOPP’s Sound Grenade, which is around $20 and even cheaper if you buy it in the family pack. It clips on and is SUPER loud when activated by the push of a button. It’ll alert someone for help and/or deter danger if needed. GPS is good, but it’s not the ideal wearable safety device for kids to stay safe.

  • It can be difficult to keep track of your children, and it can also be hard to gauge when it’s appropriate to get them a cell phone or something a bit more mature in order to keep in contact with them.

    GPS trackers are fantastic, potentially life-saving tools that help keep track of your little ones, so you won’t have to worry about where they are. Just have them wear their GPS tracker like a watch, and the rest is up to your watchful eyes.

  • I’ve tried a few of these gps trackers mentioned and have found Angelsense about 6 months ago- It’s a completely different level of protection. I can listen in, set geo fences for known locations and I get alerts every time my daughter (autistic/non-verbal) leaves school and I can see how fast her bus is going. She can’t use a regular phone and refuses to wear a watch due to sensory issues – so many of the ones we tried we couldn’t use.

    • We also love angelsense! We have two boys with autism and they wander. We can’t imagine our lives without it. It’s by far the most advanced system out there – it does so much more than any other watch or app you can get for phones.

      • I live outside the USA
        Can I use the angelsense without the monthly payment

        • those people talking about angelsene are most likley paid advertisers, take the time to do research before you decide.

          • Why do you say that? Do u have bad experience of it? Does anyone know if it can be used in uk.
            It does get good reviews in lots of the techy type guides

          • it really works..the only downside in my opinion is the 5 -7 hr battery life. Hope they improve that.

      • How do you ensure that the device stays on your child?

  • Hey what about KISA Phone

  • I like the My Buddy Tag for the “last seen location” feature. Pretty important in my opinion as a feature on a watch. If you’re into this helicopter parenting technology 🙂

  • I think the trouble we have about doing this is that for the most part we need some type of plan to get these things activated. Can’t something do this on the cheap and make it affordable for parents?


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