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Got a broken Apple Watch 3? You might qualify for a free upgrade!

If you have an Apple Series 3 watch in need of repair, you might qualify for a Series 4 replacement. The info comes from an internal memo delivered to Apple staff and Authorized Service Providers.

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got a broken apple watch 3 you might qualify for a free upgrade 3 176x300 - Got a broken Apple Watch 3? You might qualify for a free upgrade! Uncovered by 9to5Mac, the note reveals the Cupertino outfit is currently running low on inventory of the older model. It is therefore informing its staff to upgrade some customers with a broken Series 3 watch to the newer generation.

Needless to say, this will make some owners of the watch very happy. The difference between the two models is significant. The Series 4 watch comes with a bigger display, ECG sensor, fall detection, performance upgrades and more. You can compare the tech specs on this link.

The change applies both to Apple retail stores and Authorized Service Providers globally. It is unclear whether this is a permanent shift in policy. We are guessing, probably not.

Unlike some wearable tech providers, Apple offers screen replacement and other repair services. If you are covered by the warranty there is no fee. This doesn’t apply if the damage is accidental. The out of warranty service/accidental damage fee for US customers can be seen here.

This is not the first time Apple is offering a repair/replacement upgrade for its watch. At the start of this year the company announced some Series 1 devices could qualify for Series 2 replacements. Temporary supply constraints on repair parts resulted in a similar offering earlier this month. At the time, it provided the possibility of upgrading from a Series 2 to a Series 3 watch.

If you have an Apple watch in need of repair, head over to Apple’s Get Support page to book an appointment. Whether you qualify for the upgrade is likely to depend on the type of repair and location you reside in.

For those that are in the market for a new Apple watch, the company is currently offering some pretty hefty discounts. Check out the Amazon deals below.

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