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iOS13 hints at a personal item tracking product called Apple Tag

Apple is working on a new product that you’ll be able to attach to pretty much anything to track its location. Called Apple Tag, it will beam notifications to the user if they move too far away from it.

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Previous leaks had suggested we could expect such a device and the hope was it would be revealed at Apple’s Developers Conference (WWDC). Unfortunately there was no official mention but, as noted by Steve Moser and 9to5Mac, the iOS13 developer beta reportedly references the location tracker.

Apparently there’s even a leftover mockup in the code that gives us a glimpse into what the device will look like. You can see the render pictured above. It’s in the form of a small, flat circular device that you’ll be able clip to your bag or other item preventing you from losing them.

The tag would communicate via iCloud to an app Apple is working on that unifies Find My Friends and Find My iPhone. The new Find My service will have similar features as the two existing apps. But this also includes some improvements, such as the ability to track an item even when your smartphone is not in its vicinity.

Devices can be put in “lost mode” or made to play a sound. In lost mode, the tag will be able to piggyback on any smartphone in its vicinity via a Bluetooth connection and send its location to the rightful owner. The company obviously wants to take advantage of the enormous ecosystem of Apple products to form a sort of a crowd-like network. Contact location saved in the tag would be accessible to any Apple device.

The software will also allow users to add locations that should be ignored. That way they can leave items where they are safe without being bothered by unnecessary notifications. Whats more they’ll be able to share Apple Tag’s location with family and friends.

We don’t know why Apple chose not announce the tag at its WWDC. There’s a good chance it’s waiting to make the reveal when the Find My service officially launches this autumn.

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