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Fitbit Inspire HR price is the lowest we’ve seen on Amazon

Amazon is discounting the most popular wearables in the Fitbit range. This includes the Inspire HR which is hitting the lowest prices we’ve seen so far.

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The company may be taking a more aggressive approach to its pricing due to lower than expected earnings during the last quarter. The wearable tech space is becoming increasingly crowded, with prices of fitness trackers and smartwatches coming down each year.

The most recent additions to Fitbit’s wearable portfolio include the Inspire and Inspire HR, along with the Versa Lite. All three launched earlier this year. Versa 2 is rumoured to be just around the corner, perhaps as soon as the end of this month.

Fitbit has consolidated its range of wearables with its most recent additions. Inspire HR, along with its lower spec sibling, makes the Alta HR, Alta, Flex 2, and much older Zip and One trackers redundant.

We found Inspire HR top be a pretty solid device in our review. And while it does not offer anything revolutionary, it does repackage Fitbit’s existing technology into a more modern form-factor, and makes it affordable to the masses. This latest discount makes it even more budget friendly.

Amazon is sweetening the deal on other Fitbit devices, too. This includes the best selling Versa and Charge 3. If you’re looking for a great fitness watch, look no further than the Versa. As far as Charge 3 is concerned, despite being over a year old now, it is our recommended fitness tracker for the average person who does the occasional run here and there.

We don’t know how long the deals will last on Amazon so you may want to check them out now. This is all part of the Back to School Sale on Fitbit’s website which runs to August 25th.

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