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Honor Magic Watch 2 set to land before the end of 2019

Honor has unveiled Halloween-themed teasers of a watch-like product on its social channels, that is set to land by the end of this year.

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Huawei’s sub-brand has even confirmed to Digital Trends that the watch will be a follow-up to the Honor Magic Watch. Although no details have been revealed about the new device, it’s safe to assume it will be along the lines of Huawei Watch GT 2.

Honor Watch Magic made its China debut this time last year. Its Europe launch followed a few months after. The watch took much from Huawei’s Watch GT, but was smaller, simpler and less expensive.

The outline of the teaser reveals the second generation device will be similar in looks to the original. Both share a circular face and two physical buttons on the right. The device is not named although it’s logical to assume this is Honor Watch 2. All the teaser says is “Your Eye Candy is Here”, probably alluding to something that is likely to have premium looks.

We expect the watch to borrow a lot from Huawei Watch GT 2. Announced last month, it also shares a similar look. This year’s edition is thinner and more compact than last year’s. But it has a slightly larger display area which Huawei has achieved by shrinking the bezel. Plus, now there are two size options to choose from, a 46mm and a 42mm case for those with smaller wrists.

It will be interesting to see whether Honor introduces the multiple size options, as well. What’s likely is that the company will use the same LiteOS software Huawei uses for Watch GT 2. Honor Watch Magic 2 will also take across much of the health and fitness smarts as well as the excellent battery life.

This timepiece comes after the release of the Honor 9X and the Honor Band 5. Don’t forget that George Zhao, the Honor boss has already announced that in 2020 we’ll see more wearables than ever before from the company. He also confirmed to Digital Trends a new watch is coming by the end of this year.

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