OnePlus might soon dip its toes into fitness tracking tech

OnePlus seems to be dipping its toes into lots of tech and fitness tracking might be next on the list. The company is reportedly working on an activity tracking wearable.

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For those not in the know the Chinese-based company has released numerous phones, amongst other products. Their range balances high-end quality with low prices and simplistic, user-friendly designs. The outfit has adopted a motto “Never settle”, meaning users should not settle for low-quality devices.

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Launched in 2014, the company’s first product was the OnePlus One smartphone. There have been 12 iterations since then, including the most recent OnePlus 7T Pro. The outfit also sells the Bullets Wireless earphones and has ventured into the smart TVs market recently with the OnePlus TV.

Rumors of an activity brand from OnePlus date back to more than three years ago. However, nothing ever materialized. Granted, there are many bands in market to choose from, but these do not directly support the OnePlus ecosystem of devices. Many users have been requesting this type of product for a while now.

Their wishes might come true soon according to @techauntyji, a resident gossiper and supplier of rumors.

Nothing really is known about the device currently. It might be a fitness band, it might be a smartwatch. We have to go back to 2016 to find any info on a OnePlus wearable.

oneplus watch sketch - OnePlus might soon dip its toes into fitness tracking tech
2016 sketches of a OnePlus smartwatch

The old sketches reveal a circular smartwatch that is couple with customizable straps. Considering these drawing were released three years ago, the upcoming device may look nothing like this. So it’s difficult to speculate on any features.

A much easier entry option would be a fitness band, perhaps something along the lines of Xiaomi’s Mi Band. This has been a popular seller and it is only after four generations that Xiaomi has moved into the smartwatch space with Mi Watch. OnePlus is well positioned to replicate Xiaomi’s success as it also has a large user-base.

Given that we are well into November, it is unlikely we will see anything this year. But don’t be surprised if you see a launch of OnePlus’s first wearable alongside the OnePlus 8 in Q2 2020.

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