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Apple Watch lookalike Amazfit GTS is now available for purchase in the US

amazfit bip and gtr black friday discounts start now 170x300 - Apple Watch lookalike Amazfit GTS is now available for purchase in the USAmazfit GTS is finally available for purchase on Amazon. This is an Apple Watch lookalike that comes with 14 days of battery life and a gorgeous high-res display.

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Amazfit is a US-based wearable technology company with a mission to seamlessly connect people’s biomechanical signals and daily activities with smart data services to promote healthy living. It is owned by Huami, which is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi.

The outfit has had a very busy 2019. A series of different smartwatches were released during the summer months. The Stratos 3 is yet to be made available for purchase in the US and Europe, but there are plenty of other options if you are looking for a solid smartwatch that won’t break the bank. The latest addition to this list is the Amazfit GTS.

We reviewed the watch back in October and found it to be a pretty solid device. An updated version of Amazfit BIP in everything but name, this is a fitness watch with some smart functionality such as notifications, weather and music control. All the basic activity tracking functions are there, along with GPS for tracking those runs.

All things considered, Amazfit GTS delivers a lot for the price. If you’re after a nice looking fitness watch and don’t want to be bothered with charging often, it presents itself as a great option.

In other news, prices on Amazfit smartwatches have been slashed as we approach the holiday season. This includes the Amazfit BIP and Amazfit GTR which was only released a month or so ago.

Topping the list is the Amazfit BIP. The low-cost smartwatch comes with 30+ days of battery life and features such as built-in GPS, heart rate sensor and notifications. In addition to keeping tabs on your activity 24/7 the gizmo also provides tracking of your runs, cycling and other sports with mapped routes, detailed stats and heart rate zones.

Another option is the Amazfit GTR. Interestingly, despite just being launched it can already be picked up at a discount. In our review we found the watch doesn’t look or feel overly sporty and it’s perfectly appropriate to wear even in a business setting. The watch is excellent for day-to-day use and comes with smart functionality such as notifications, weather and music control. As you’d expect from Huami, the battery life is also super impressive.

For sports freaks there’s the Amazfit Stratos. In addition to tracking your activity around the clock, this aesthetically appealing GPS watch keeps tabs on a dozen different sports – all with their own performance metrics. It offers water-proofing, allows you to listen to locally stored music and more.

Finally, Amazfit Verge is another GPS sports watch option. It comes with the usual fitness tracking sensors, a heart rate monitor capable of identifying health issues, NFC support and built-in GPS.

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