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Grab a discount on Apple Watch Series 5 for the holidays

There are some great discounts on the Apple Watch on Amazon right now. Series 5 and a few of the older models are being offered at some of the best prices we’ve seen so far.

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The Apple Watch is hands down the most advanced smartwatch you can buy today. But with each iteration, its is getting better at tracking your fitness, too. All it needs is a boost to battery life and the likes of Garmin and Fitbit Google will have lots to worry about.

The Apple Watch Series 5 delivers one key improvement over Series 4 and a number of smaller ones. The headline grabbing one, as you probably know, is the always-on display. But there’s also the addition of a compass and new ceramic and titanium material options. The watch has the same processor, but there’s twice the amount of internal storage.

Other features are pretty much unchanged from the Series 4. Which means you get the ECG sensor, a next generation accelerometer and gyroscope which can sample motion data 8 times faster, GPS and more.

In addition to dishing out more accurate fitness tracking stats, the sensors allow the watch to identify and send out alerts if you fall or trip. There are also notifications for high and low heart rate and the watch will intermittently look at heart rhythms and send alerts if it spots atrial fibrillation.

The Series 4 devices has officially been discontinued now that Series 5 is out, but the watch will be on sale while stocks last. There really isn’t too much to separate it from the latest iteration in terms of specs. That is why the older version is still a decent choice.

Plus there’s the Series 3 watch which remains a viable alternative despite being a couple of years old. You can check out how the three models compare on this link.

Amazon has slashed dollars off the Apple Watch GPS Series 3 model, the GPS and cellular models of Series 5. The latest prices can be seen below.

Keep an eye out for further discounts to come from Amazon and other retailers in the coming days.

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