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Polar has some great smartwatch deals for the holidays

If you’ve been holding out on a Polar smartwatch there are some great deals to take advantage of in December. Polar Vantage V, M and a range of other devices are on sale for the holidays.

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Founded in 1977, Polar is a well recognized name in the wearables space. After developing the first wireless heart rate monitor, the company has continued to grow in this market through innovating on heart rate monitor devices and developing a line of activity trackers.

The outfit has released a range of great smartwatches in the past year or so. This includes the Polar Vantage range and Ignite. All of these are being offered at significant discounts on Amazon.

Ignite is for those looking for an all-around fitness device offering advanced metrics. This GPS fitness watch is marketed as a versatile training tool for a variety of sports and activities. What’s most unique about it is that Polar has slapped on advanced sleep analysis, overnight recovery insights and personalised and adaptive training guidance.

In our review we note that Polar has managed to cram an impressive array of features into something that is very good looking and extremely lightweight. The device was developed as a more affordable version of the company’s Vantage V & M watches launched in September last year.

Those after a fully fledge sports watch will probably be more interested in Vantage V. The company says the watch is the most advanced in its history. It comes with a range of fitness sensors and improved heart rate accuracy thanks to Polar Precision Prime. There’s also Running Power – a single digit that accounts for terrain, form, and fatigue and tells them how hard to move. Simply set a power target and run to see results.

Vantage M is the budget version of the same. It lacks some of the features of its big brother but still packs a lot under the hood.

Polar V and Polar M come with over a hundred of sports profiles to choose from, they are lightweight and water-proof and have an always-on color display. Despite the impressive specs, and even with GPS tracking and an always-on heart rate monitoring feature switched on, Polar Vantage V offers 40 hours of continuous training on a single charge and Vantage M 30 hours.

Here are some other deals.

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