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Fitbit is testing a new snore detect feature for Versa 2

fitbit is testing a new snore detect feature for versa 2 206x300 - Fitbit is testing a new snore detect feature for Versa 2 Fitbit is testing a new snore detect app. The Beta version is available to download now if you own a Versa 2 smartwatch and want to try it out early.

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The feature utilizes the built-in microphone of Versa 2 to monitor sounds in your environment, while you sleep. This includes snoring as well as your bedroom sound level.

Many people have this annoying sleep problem. Put simply, snoring is noisy breathing during sleep. Statistics show that about 30%-50% of all people snore at some point in their lives. It is more common in men, although many women snore as well. In most cases the condition is not dangerous, but it can be an indicator of a more serious problem such as as obstructive sleep apnea.

The Fitbit Snore Detect app has a setting that lets it start up automatically when it detects you’ve fallen asleep. The other option is to start it manually. In both cases you’ll need to tap on the stop button to switch it off. In the morning you’ll get detailed results.

Fitbit has thrown in a disclaimer which reads as follows.

“This app is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment; you should always consult your physician or health care provider about any health issues.”

The company has sent out an invitation email to a few Fitbit users. According to this the app will only be available for limited time.

“The Fitbit Labs Snore Detect Beta program is now open for Fitbit users who have a Versa 2. It will be open for a limited period of time and to a limited number of users, so enroll now!”

“Don’t let snoring rob you of your rest. By joining the Snore Detect Beta, you can easily monitor snoring and your bedroom sound level: Use the built-in microphone on your smartwatch to monitor snoring from you or your bed partner. Receive a daily report that shows snoring duration and intensity. Find out if a noisy bedroom disrupts your sleep. Perhaps a pet, siren or chirping bird is the source.”

If you are interested in checking out the app for yourself, it can be downloaded from this link. Remember, this is only a Beta version so it’s likely there will be updates before it reaches public release.

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