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Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch to come in 3 colors and a stainless steel option

We are getting a steady drip-feed of leaks on a possible successor to Galaxy Watch. The latest comes from SamMobile once again. It seems the timepiece will come in three color options and a variant made of stainless steel.

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Samsung unveiled the original timepiece back in August 2018. At the time the watch represented a significant revamp on its Gear line. Galaxy Watch comes with LTE connectivity, comprehensive fitness smarts, GPS, water resistance and a price-tag to match. Few real surprises, though.

The company followed this up in February last year with a sportier version called Galaxy Watch Active. It was released along with two fitness bands, Galaxy Fit and a budget-friendly Galaxy Fit-e. To the surprise of most, it followed this up six months later with Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Galaxy Watch 2 rumors

The first rumors on Galaxy Watch 2 appeared about a year ago. Two watches were uncovered. A Wi-FI/Bluetooth-only version that came under SM-R820 and SM-R830 monikers, and an LTE variant with model numbers SM-R825 and SM-R835. In the end, this turned out to be info on Galaxy Watch Active 2, not Galaxy Watch.

Fresh rumors on a possible successor to the Galaxy Watch first came from Dutch website GalaxyClub. According to their sources Samsung is currently working on a new timepiece with a moniker SM-R840/845. The second number refers to a cellular variant of the watch.

Looking at previous model numbers, this is probably a reference to the larger version of the upcoming device. Which means a SM-R850/855 variant will be the smaller model. Whether Samsung sticks with the 44mm and 40mm options remains to be seen.

The other detail that is known about the upcoming SM-R840/845 is its battery capacity of 330 mAh. That’s slightly less than the 340 mAh of Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Apart from this, it has been revealed by SamMobile last week that the device will have 8GB of internal storage. This is double what is available on the current generations, which means more space for apps and local music storage.

And with this latest leak, we now know the device will come three color options: black, silver, and gold. There will be an additional stainless steel variant but this one is only in development in silver and gold. This may, of course, change further down the line. No info yet on whether the device will retain the physical rotating bezel of its predecessor.

At this point it’s worth making a disclaimer. We were fooled last year. So there is, of course, an outside chance this all could be info on Galaxy Watch Active 3 and not Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Release date

Unfortunately there is no indicator on a possible release date but the watch is reportedly still very early in the development cycle. While sometime in the spring remains an outside possibility, a late summer unveiling alongside the Galaxy Note 20 is much more likely.

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