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What is the best Fitbit for your kids? Making fitness fun.

In this article we provide a selection of Fitbit devices for your kids. These devices only focus on fitness tracking so lack safety tracking functionality that can be found in devices with built-in GPS.

Why get a Fitbit for kids?

Trackers for children may not yet be as commonplace as they are for adults, but perhaps they should be. Childhood obesity is a serious problem. In the US, nearly a third of youths are overweight or obese.

Fitness trackers for kids motivate your child to move more by creating a sense of achievement. They also turn fitness into a fun game and encouraging healthy competition.

By teaching your children about their activity levels, they help to make fitness a habit, not a chore. Kids learn about the benefits of movement and activity, which makes it more likely they will stay fit long into their adult lives.

On top of all of this you can be sure that using a fitness tracker will be excellent for you as a parent. You will know when to reward effort, and when to push for more, just by glancing at the stats.

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Fitbit has recently introduced the Ace 2, its second fitness tracker for children. But some of the company’s other wearables can be used by kids, too. And if you have a Fitbit yourself, this means you can promote a bit of friendly competition. Encouraging one another is a great way to stay motivated.

Does Fitbit have a fitness tracker for kids with GPS?

At the moment Fitbit does not have a fitness tracker for kids with GPS. This is because it is focusing on fitness tracking. Kids devices with GPS typically use the satellite signal for safety tracking. While we are waiting for a Fitbit for kids with GPS, check out a selection of such devices from other brands.

Best Fitbit for your kids

Fitbit Ace

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This is an Alta lookalike that is specifically designed for kids 8 and older. The showerproof device automatically tracks steps, active minutes, sleep and provides encouragement to be active. It has up to 5 days of battery life and comes in two vibrant colours.

Because it has an OLED tap display, your kid can see their progress in real time. The tracker dishes out rewards for moving with celebratory messages and fun, collectible badges.

what is the best fitbit for your kids - What is the best Fitbit for your kids? Making fitness fun.
Image source: Fitbit

Fitbit has introduced a new family account which allows parents to safeguard their kids’ privacy and stay on top of their activity. The Parent view in the Fitbit app lets you navigate between your view and your kid’s view to check on activity and progress. It also provides you with a means to manage who your children connect with and what information they see on the OLED display.

The Ace is a one size fits all affair. It is meant for wrists measuring between 125mm and 161mm in length. The width of the tracker is only 15mm.

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Fitbit Ace 2

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Ace 2 is designed for children 6 and up. To serve this purpose it comes with a more rugged design than the first generation, along with better water resistance (5 ATM).

The screen is also bigger, so much that the gizmo looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. The bumpers around the display are designed to protect the wearable during playtime.

fitbit ace 2 the kid friendly sequel has a swim proof design fun colours 1 - What is the best Fitbit for your kids? Making fitness fun.
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In terms of activity, Ace 2 tracks all-day steps and active minutes, sleep, there’s a 1-hour active minutes goal (as per WHO recommendations), virtual badges and more. There are new colouful bands and accessories and the tracker’s face includes animated clock faces that change throughout the day.

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Fitbit Alta HR

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what is the best fitbit for your kids 3 - What is the best Fitbit for your kids? Making fitness fun.
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This one has been discontinued but you can still buy while stocks last. In addition to tracking everything you can imagine including heart rate, the gadget also benefits from Fitbit’s advanced sleep features. ‘Sleep Stages’ uses accelerometer and heart rate data to more accurately estimate how long you spend in Light, Deep, and REM sleep stages each night.

And lets not forget the cool factor. There is one area in which kids will always naturally compete: who has the best toys. Even into the teenage years this can continue with more of a focus on gadgets and accessories. Make sure that you give your kids the best start at fitness by getting them the coolest and funkiest fitness trackers. It will make them the envy of all of their friends at school, which in turn will motivate them to use and show off the fitness trackers even more.

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Fitbit Inspire HR

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fitbit makes inspire and inspire hr available to all 2 - What is the best Fitbit for your kids? Making fitness fun.
Image source: Fitbit

A recent addition to Fitbit’s range, this is a fitness tracker for adults that can also be used by kids due to its lightweight, slim design. A clip-on accessory is available but only for the non-heart rate version of the tracker. This is to cater for those who would previously have opted for Zip.

Inspire HR does not come with anything revolutionary. Rather, it repackages Fitbit’s existing technology into a more modern form-factor, and makes it affordable to the masses. The device is a good option for those starting to track their fitness as it covers the basics without overloading you with data. It’s currently one of the best value for money fitness trackers in Fitbit’s range.

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