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Five fitness gadgets to stretch your asana

Did you ever think about giving yoga a try? The practice is the perfect way to uplift your mind, body, and spirit. It can relieve stress and improve posture. All that it demands is some free space and a mat for convenience, and you are good to go. There is no need for any equipment.

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But times have changed now, and the current trend is to use technology to help improve everything. And yoga is no exception.

These are just a few of many gadgets that are now making their way into modern fitness routines. Add some contemporary funk to your routine, and you will see how it impacts your entire session. Spice up your yoga session with these devices that can help boost your asanas and give you promising results.

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The Disq

three fitness gadgets to stretch your asana - Five fitness gadgets to stretch your asana
Image source: Disq

This device was made for resistance training and is known for spicing up yoga and pilates sessions. If you are tired of regular yoga practice, you should give the Disq a try. It requires some focus and grip and can make simple yoga asanas even more strenuous.

Disq has a pair of retractable resistance cords on a belt along with ankle cuff pulleys and handheld grips. The resistance makes every movement harder, making the asanas more effective. If you want to up the difficulty level of your yoga session by a notch, consider using this gadget.


Fitbit Charge 4, Ionic or Versa

three fitness gadgets to stretch your asana 4 - Five fitness gadgets to stretch your asana
Image source: Fitbit

Another gadget that offers consistent tracking while practicing yoga is the Fitbit. It has been a close buddy of fitness junkies and runners for a while, and now, it has proven to be quite effective for yoga practitioners as well.

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While practicing your asanas, all you need to do is pair it with the companion app to track how your calories are getting burnt and how your heart rate is doing during the session. Yoga is available as one of your exercise options.

You can wear it like a watch or a wristband and leave it to track your yoga session with ease. There are a few options to choose from including the Fitbit Charge 4 , Ionic and Versa range.



four fitness gadgets to stretch your asana 1 - Five fitness gadgets to stretch your asana
Image source: YogiFi

Here is yet one more gadget that has been made especially for yoga. An Bangalore-based startup called Wellnesys has a new product called YogiFi. This is an intelligent yoga mat that can help you practice asanas.

Winner of multiple awards, the gizmo focuses on fixing your alignment to balance and let you achieve the perfect pose. Now, isn’t that smart? It rolls up like your regular yoga mat but works as a yoga teacher, helping you get your asanas correctly. It is compatible with most devices, iOS or Android, and can store and monitor your progress with the help of companion app. There’s also a leader board and advice from yogis around the world.


Nadi X Yoga Pants

three fitness gadgets to stretch your asana 1 - Five fitness gadgets to stretch your asana
Image source: Wearable X

Nadi X intelligent pants listen and respond to your body, helping you achieve that perfect yoga experience.

The slick looking, Bluetooth enabled pants have Pulse sensors woven into the hips, knees, and ankles. As you go about performing your poses, the pants keep tabs at specific points around the body and gently vibrate in the direction of the necessary adjustment if your pose is a bit off.

The data is communicated in real-time to the smartphone app immediately shows what the correct pose should look like. The app contains around 40 poses, as well as music to help you chill.

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Apple Watch

four reasons to buy apple watch series 4 and one reason not to 2 - Five fitness gadgets to stretch your asana
Image source: Apple

Yes, as of last year the Apple Watch can track Yoga as well. Ever since the introduction of the Series 4 device, the Cupertino outfit has a workout tracking for yoga.

Simply select the exercise and the watch will countdown from three. So as not to interrupt you, the device will not make any sound while you practice. You’ll find most of the data comes once your session has ended. This includes heart rate, active calories and total calories.


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