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[Update: US launch] Oppo Watch comes with ECG, eSIM, two sizes

Oppo has already made a name for itself in the smartphone market. A few months ago it expanded its product lineup with something you strap to your wrist. The watch went on sale in China from late March. We are expecting a European and US debut in the near future.

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Like so many other tech giants of today, the company has not been around for very long. Its brand name was registered in 2001 and it started operation three years later. OPPO has steadily grown over the years, and since mid-2016 it holds the position as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China.

The timepiece comes in two different sizes, a 41mm and a 46mm. The first has a 1.9 inch, the second a 1.6 inch curved, AMOLED touch screen with rounded edges 326 PPI resolution. Both have a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

It’s clear this is an Apple Watch-like device. But there are a few design differences. The clear distinction is that the Oppo Watch does not have a crown. Instead, it has two long buttons on the right, one of which has a LED indicator in the middle. A microphone hole can be found between them.

meet oppo watch wear os ecg 2 - [Update: US launch] Oppo Watch comes with ECG, eSIM, two sizes

Here are the full specs:

Display: 1.91-inch touch with curved edges, built with OLED technology and 326 pixels per inch.
Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2500, Apollo 3 co-processor.
RAM memory: 1GB.
Internal storage: 8GB.
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, eSIM (which works both in China and internationally), NFC.
Ports and sensors: Microphone, speaker, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, electrocardiogram, pedometer, sleep quality, GPS.
Water-resistance: 5 ATM
Battery: Oppo Watch 41mm 300 mAh, Oppo Watch 46 mm 430 mAh both accompanied by fast charging VOOC. A quick 15 minute charge is good for 18 hours battery life (50% of 40 hour battery life). Full charge from empty takes 75 minutes. In standby mode the watch can go for 21 days.
Operating system: based on Wear OS with the ColorOS customization layer.

meet oppo watch wear os ecg sensor esim two sizes 1 - [Update: US launch] Oppo Watch comes with ECG, eSIM, two sizes
Image source: Oppo

As can be seen from above, the usual fitness sensors are there, including heart rate and built-in GPS. More interestingly, the watch comes with an ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor. This is something else it shares with the Apple Watch.

The company is known for a slew of low cost devices. Couple that with a feature-rich smartwatch with a super charging ability, and they might be sitting on a winner. With the saturation of the smartphone market, developing smartwatches and headphones seems to be the direction OPPO has chosen in the near future.

meet oppo watch wear os ecg sensor esim two sizes - [Update: US launch] Oppo Watch comes with ECG, eSIM, two sizes
Image source: Oppo

The 41mm variant sells in China for CNY 1,499 ($215) and the 46mm for CNY 1,999 ($288). These prices sound pretty reasonable considering the specs.

[Update 03/13] Brian Shen, Oppo’s president of global marketing has confirmed on Twitter the watch will be available for sale in Europe soon. He didn’t specify the actual date but did say “there will be a separate Western European launch later on this year”. This is great news as on paper this certainly sounds like a great timepiece. We’ll reserve final judgement until we actually test run the watch.

[Update 06/28] A few days ago Oppo Watch passed certification with the Federal Communications Authority (FCC). This implies that a US launch is not too far off. The accompanying documentation includes a link that takes you to an search for the Oppo Watch. So its clear the timepiece will sell on Amazon. We are yet to learn when the US launch will actually take place and which mobile carriers will support the watch’s eSim functionality.

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