The month-long Apple Watch employee challenge is back on

Apple’s annual employee “Close your rings” challenge is back on. It typically runs in February but was postponed this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Those employees that attempted to start the challenge in the app earlier this year, noticed that their challenge code didn’t work. It soon dawned why when the Cupertino outfit sent out this internal email.

“The Close Your Rings Challenge is one of those rare opportunities to bring team members and colleagues from around the world together with a common purpose to close our rings, earn some points, and have fun. With a number of our offices and stores closed in China right now and some of our team members unable to participate, we’ve decided to postpone the 2020 Close Your Rings Challenge. At this time, our Challenge will be removed from the Challenges app.” the email sent in early February read.

“We’ll update everyone as soon as we have a new date when we can all focus together in closing our rings!”

The company has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak as much of its supply chain is located in China. Although things are slowly returning to normal, many factories had closed in the country and Apple itself had, quite rightly, shut down stores, offices and contact centers.

But an Apple employee that spoke to MacRumors says Apple is planning to reinstate the challenge this week. It requires Apple corporate and retail offices employees to close their Watch rings every day during the month which is by no means an easy task. The month long task is expected to end on August 16.

The reward for their efforts will be a t-shirt that says “2020” in an ‌Apple Watch‌ Activity Ring-style font. Those who successfully complete the challenge will also snag a “gold” ranking and a gold pin. There will also be silver and bronze rewards accompanied by silver and bronze pins.

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