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Choosing from Samsung’s range of fitness wearables

Samsung is a global conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries in a wide range of industries. Headquartered in South Korea, the company operates in over 75 countries.

Essential readingTop fitness trackers and health gadgets

In the wearables market, Samsung offers a number of smartwatches and activity trackers, as well as their Tizen open-source operating system. The most recent addition to its range is the Galaxy Watch 3.

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Samsung fitness trackers

Gear Fit2 Pro

samsung smartwatch
Image source: Samsung

Gear Fit2 Pro is a high-end version of the Gear Fit2 rather than a totally new, third generation device. The main news here is waterproofing. The tracker is water-resistant down to 50 meters. This means you can leave your Samsung wearable strapped to your wrist while you take a shower or bath.

If you decide to dive headfirst in the pool, the Speedo app will record your stats (stroke type, stroke count, and lap count), and show them in easy-to-read summaries. It will also provide you with “SWOLF”, which is a measure of stroke efficiency.

At 33 grams, Gear Fit 2 Pro weights only only slightly more than its predecessor. It is also slightly bigger. There is now a new and improved buckle strap to ensure the tracker stays on your wrist while you’re swimming.

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Galaxy Fit / Fit e

Choosing from Samsung’s range of fitness wearables
Image source: Samsung

This duo succeeds the Gear Fit range. There’s a higher spec Fit model and a lower Fit e version.

The bands have the fitness side of things pretty well covered thanks to a heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscope. This combination of sensor allows it to track workouts from a list of over 90 activities, and keep tabs on heart rate, sleep, stress and more. Users will also get notifications and a few other smart features.

Fit e is missing the Gyro sensor and NFC as compared to the higher spec model. It also comes with a 0.74-inch PMOLED panel instead of the 0.95 inch curved AMOLED touchscreen of Fit. Both come with a 5 ATM water-resistance rating and battery life of around a week

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Samsung smartwatches

Galaxy Watch

Choosing from Samsung’s range of fitness wearables
Image source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy watch is the company’s best selling smartwatch. It has now been succeeded by Watch 3.

The original comes in two sizes – a 42mm variant and a 46mm one. Both sport a 360×350 pixel OLED display. The 46mm version comes with a 1.3 inch screen versus 1.2 inches on the smaller version. The 46mm also houses a larger capactity battery that can keep going for 7 days on a single charge. The cell on the 42mm is enough for 3 days, which still gives Apple something to aim for.

This is primarly a fitness focused device. Its slew of activity tracking sensors includes an accelerometer, heart rate, gyro and barometre. So expect the usual steps, distance, floors, calories, stress, sleep and activity stats. This includes keeping tabs on up to 40 different exercises – and swimming thanks to 5 ATM water-resistance. An interesting addition is the ability to log your food and water intake.

To round everything off, the feature packed devices comes with built-in GPS for phone-free exercising, NFC for payments and there’s a LTE version that allows you to stay connected and stream music on-the-go.

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Galaxy Watch Active

The successor to the Gear Sport is a sportier take on the Galaxy Watch. The stylish device is smaller than its predecessor and lighter (25 grams) due to a new type of aluminum. A company spokesperson even compared its weight to a single strawberry! The swappable strap has been redesigned using a soft durable material and the whole thing is 5 ATM water resistant.

Samsung finally makes Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit official
Image source: Samsung

This is primarily a fitness focused tool. It will monitor the standard gamut of metrics thanks to a built-in heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. Around the clock stress tracking is on this list and, more interestingly, so is blood pressure monitoring through an experimental app. The watch can track 39 different workouts, all with daily goals and progress monitoring.

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Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung’s two new Galaxy Watch Active 2 models offer speciality designs Watch Active 2 was released in the summer of 2019, just six months after the first version. Lookswise, they are fairly similar. But now you can navigate the watch via the black border that surrounds the screen and functions as a touch sensitive strip. That’s alongside the touchscreen and physical buttons, of course.

More interestingly, Samsung has added size choices this time around. The original Galaxy Watch Active only come in a 40mm variant. The second generation comes in an additional 44mm option.

There’s also now an LTE variant in addition to the standard Bluetooth version. You can expect just over a day’s worth of battery life on either of these.

In addition to all the fitness tracking usuals this device comes with an ECG sensor, it can monitor blood pressure and has fall alerts. The first two of these are yet to be enabled in most countries but this should happen in the months ahead.

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Galaxy Watch 3

The latest addition to the Galaxy Watch range goes under number 3, rather than 2. This is because it comes a year after Watch Active 2 and Samsung wants to make sure that is clear.

The company has largely retained the design of the original watch but the size options are now 45mm and 41mm instead of 46mm and 42mm.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will come in 9 distinct configurations

While the smaller iterations on both watches are 1.2 inches, the larger version of Watch 3 comes with a 1.4 inch screen versus the 1.3 inches of its predecessor. This is impressive as it means Samsung has managed to squeeze a larger display into a smaller body by slimming the bezel on the side. The latest range is also thinner.

The improvements under the hood include a better accelerometer, heart rate sensor with 8 photodiodes and blood oxygen sensor. The timepiece can also measure ECG and blood pressure. As with Watch Active 2, this is yet to be enabled in most countries.

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