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The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories on Amazon

So, you’ve bought a device from the Versa range, good choice. But now it’s time to pimp it up. There are a selection of Fitbit Versa bands on Amazon that will it look more stylish. The good news is they are all backwards compatible so you can use them on Versa, Versa 2 or Versa Lite.

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Some of these come from Fitbit others do not. The ones from the San Francisco wearables manufacturer include classic bands in a variety of colors and a $30 price-tag. There’s a Horween leather selection which typically retails for $50, and stainless steel which will set you back between $80 and $90. Any of these represents a great choice and you can check them out on Fitbit’s website. But let’s face it, they are quite pricey.

A much cheaper way of smartening up your Fitbit Versa is to opt for third party bands on Amazon. What follows is our selection of the best that’s currently out there.

Fitbit Versa bands on Amazon

Bayite genuine leather band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories

This is an elegant genuine leather band collection for women with a polished stainless steel classic watch buckle. The straps are slim yet strong and very soft for comfortable daily use. They also fit securely so you can wear them during workouts.

The bands are adjustable to fit 5.3″ – 7.8″ wrists and can be purchased in a variety of colours. Installation is tool free and the bands come with improved quick release spring bars.


Kmasic Sport band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories

For the sporty types, the simple Kmasic strap comes in a selection of more than 10 colors. The band is made of premium silicone material with a tapered design. It’s soft, flexible, durable, elegant and comfortable.

This band is a great alternative to the Fitbit Versa classic band and comes at a fraction of the price. You can choose from one of two sizes. The small is suited for 5.5″ – 7.5″ wrists and the large for 6.3″ – 8.3″ wrists. The band secures via a silver, rose gold or black metal buckle.


KIMILAR Sport Silicone band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories

Another one for the fitness freaks, this one comes with cooling air holes for extra breathability. The durable and soft material is designed with comfort in mind. The metal parts are made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel. 

The look actually reminds very much of the strap on the Nike+ version of the Apple Watch. In addition to multiple colours you are able to choose from two sizes: small 5.5″ – 6.7″and large 6.7″ – 8.9″.


Bayite Bling band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories

This is a slim and elegant band made of quality stainless steel that is ideal for slender wrists. You’re sure to turn heads with a Versa band set with rhinestones that sparkle.

Bling is suitable for 5.3″-7.6″ inch wrists. There are six folding clasps in each band for that perfect fit and maximum comfort. Simply remove a folding clasp to resize the band, no tools needed!


Bayite Leather band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories

In addition to the first item on this list, this is another collection of leather bands from Bayite we felt was worth including. The one depicted on the pic above features a vivid floral pattern. This is just one example, though, and there are many other designs to choose from.

All the bands come with a polished stainless steel watch-like buckle for a secure fit, and are designed to fit wrists that measure between 5.5″ – 7.5″. Installation is easy and tool free.


MEFEO Stainless Steel Metal Mesh band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories

This is a stainless steel metal mesh band. It is suitable for both men and women and comes in a range of colours including Black, Champagne Gold, Coral Blue, Deep Purple and more.

The band comes with a strong magnetic clasp that holds everything in place securely. The available sizes are 5.5″ – 8.5″ for small wrists and 6.1″ – 9.9″ for large wrists.


Maledan band

The best Fitbit Versa bands, straps and accessories, 2020

Our final Fitbit Versa bands choice on Amazon is is a cheaper knockoff of the Fitbit Woven Reflective band (view on Amazon). It looks pretty much the same as the original and it has great reviews on Amazon. There are various bright colour combinations to choose from which should make your Versa fit for any occasion.

The band comes with a traditional watch stainless steel buckle and a choice of sizes. These include the 5.2″-6.7″ for small wrists and 6.3″-7.8″ for large ones.


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