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Best Garmin deals for September 2020: Fenix 6, Forerunner 945, Vivoactive 4

The Garmin outage is behind us now and hopefully we will not get a repeat. What remains is the fact that the company has the best sports watches out there. Whatever you are into – running, cycling, swimming, golfing, walking, or simply being more active – there’s a watch for you.

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Amazon is currently running some great deals on a whole range of Garmin fitness trackers and smartwatches. Even some of the latest devices are seeing prices slashed.

garmin unleashes four new smartwatches at ifa including the high end venu - Best Garmin deals for September 2020: Fenix 6, Forerunner 945, Vivoactive 4
Image source: Garmin

While some wearable manufacturers have been struggling, Garmin has been going from strength to strength. Its success lies in the quality and wide range of fitness and sports gear. The company has grown quite a bit since it was established in the not too distant 1989. Its first product was a GPS unit which sold for $2,500. Thankfully, prices have come down quite a bit since then!

Here are the latest deals.

Fitness trackers

garmin vivosport or vivosmart 4 activity tracker matchup - Best Garmin deals for September 2020: Fenix 6, Forerunner 945, Vivoactive 4
Image source: Garmin

For the average person who does the occasional run, cycle or swim, the Vivoactive 4 is the best Garmin fitness watch. It comes with pretty much everything they will need to track their activity and there’s an option with built-in storage for music, too.

But if you’re after something more discreet and in the form of a fitness band, our suggestion would be to opt for the Vivosport or Vivosmart 4. In additional to the usual smarts, the first is one of a handful of fitness bands with built-in GPS, the second has a Pulse Ox sensor.

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Forerunner series

Garmin has recently introduced a number of new GPS watches to its Forerunner line. This includes the 45/45S, 245/245 Music 945. Most devices in the range are currently discounted including the latest watches!

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Fenix range

For those that only want the best, the Fenix line is the way to go. Some iterations of the recently unveiled Fenix 6 range are on sale as are the previous generation devices. These watches pack pretty much everything Garmin has on offer into a premium design.

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