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Get Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at the best price ever on Amazon

It is rare to see prices slashed on a watch that is barely a month old but Amazon is offering just such a deal on Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsungs most advanced smart timepiece to date was released at the start of August. It comes some two years after its best selling predecessor.

There are lots of upgrades on-board such as a better accelerometer, heart rate sensor with 8 photodiodes and a blood oxygen sensor. Then there’s something Apple-like, a built-in electrodiagram along with fall detection and SpO2 monitoring. Unfortunately battery life is not as good. The two days between charges is a sacrifice you’ll have to make for the souped up specs.

Not much has changed when it comes to design. The tried and tested round look and trademark rotating bezel on the side are still there. But the thing is slightly thinner and sleeker now. The diameter of Watch 3 is 45mm or 41mm depending on the model chosen, whereas before it was 46mm and 42mm.

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Now we don’t usually write about individual ad-hoc deals but this is such a good one we couldn’t resist. It is not something you’d expect on a wearable that has been just released. The Amazon US store is currently offering a nice discount on Watch 3. You can check out the price on the link below.

It is hard to say how long this will last – our guess is not too long. The other thing worth mentioning is that savings are only there for the Black 45mm version.

Other new smartwatches that are currently being sold on Amazon at a discount are Fitbit Sense and Versa 3. You can check out those deals on this link.

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