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10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers

Looking for that perfect gift for someone or yourself? We’ve rounded up some great ideas for health and fitness wearable tech lovers. Amazon Prime Day is on October 13th and 14th so you may be able to pick up a few of these at a nice discount.

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Fitbit Charge 4/Versa 3 | Wynd | Awair 2.0 | Omron EVOLV | Olive Smart Ear | Withings ScanWatch | Garmin Vivoactive 4 | Blazepod Withings Thermo | Theragun Elite

Fitbit Charge 4/Versa 3

gifts ideas for the active ones in your life - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Fitbit Charge 4; Fitbit Versa | Image source: Fitbit

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, you won’t go wrong with a Fitbit. The company is a best selling brand for a reason.

Charge 4 is Fitbit’s latest and most advanced fitness band yet. It represents a great choice for the average person who does the occasional run here and there and is not looking for a fully fledged smartwatch. The band comes with a decent sized OLED display, water-resistance and 7 day battery life. You’ll find everything you need for 24/7 activity tracking including a heart rate monitor. It even has built-in GPS which ensures the data on pace and distance is accurate when you’re running.

If you are looking for a smartwatch, one of the devices in the Versa range is the way to go. Its Fitbit’s second smartwatch and its first proper one. The gizmo does everything Charge 4 does, plus all of this is packaged in a great looking gadget with a gorgeous hi-res touchscreen display. There is on-board storage for music too, smartphone notifications and Fitbit pay.

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Charge 4 (Amazon) | Versa 3 (Amazon) Fitbit*


gifts ideas for the active ones in your life 2 - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Wynd Technologies

This is a portable, bottle sized device that differs from the competition in that it doesn’t purify all air, just the air around you. The medical-grade filter removes particulates, cat dander, mould, bacteria and pollution in a matter of minutes.

But there is more. Wynd also has a detachable tracker that serves as an intelligent personal air quality system that alerts you when the air around you is unhealthy. The company says this is the smallest particulate matter sensor on the market.

In our review we found Wynd to be a really well thought out product. A lot of work has clearly gone into packing lots of great functionality into a small package.

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Awair 2.0

ten holiday gift ideas for the active ones in your life - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Awair

There is an increasing range of connected devices that allow you to monitor your home for air quality and alert you to take action when necessary. Awair is one of the pioneers in this market.

The company’s first generation product offers a convenient way to track various types of air pollutants including chemicals, CO2, temperature and humidity. Awair 2nd Edition slaps on dangerous-dust sensing abilities along with other smaller improvements.

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This is is a great looking product, super easy to set-up and use. Awair provides timely and interesting feedback via its dot display and smartphone app. It sends alerts and suggestions when something is amiss and comes with lots of customization options and smart home integrations.

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gifts ideas for the active ones in your life 5 - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Omron

One in three adults are affected by high blood pressure, but as many as a third of these can be unaware of a problem. Its no wonder hypertension is often referred to as the “silent killer”.

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Omron EVOLV is a sleek looking one-piece monitor which has no tabletop unit, no tubes and no wires. Because of this the product is highly portable and easy to operate. You’ll get a complete view of your blood pressure both on the device and accompanying smartphone app, along with alerts for irregular heartbeats. For some customers, particularly the older generation, one of its strengths is that you can use it without your smartphone. All you are required to do to take a reading is press one button.

There may be lots of gimmicks or unnecessary bits of equipment for your health, but rest assured that a connected home monitor for blood pressure is highly useful. Fitness trackers still can’t measure blood pressure, so a smart blood pressure monitor is the next best thing.

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Olive Smart Ear

ten holiday gift ideas for the active ones in your life - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Olive Union

We’ve all experienced it: the “What did you say?” from Dad or Mom at a noisy restaurant, the “Can you speak up?” from Grandpa during FaceTime calls, and the notorious remote control stealing so the TV can be on max volume.

Olive Smart Ear is a stylish single-ear hearing amplifier and CES 2020 “Best Wearable” award winner that re-engineers hearing for better conversations and enhanced listening. The gizmo uses AI to capture 99.8% of the sounds within your hearing range without distortion. All it takes is a quick 5 minute hearing test to fully personalize everything.

It is the next-gen hearable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss (less than 50Db) who are after an affordable earbud. Plus, the thing is more than a hearing aid as you can listen to music via Bluetooth connection, make and receive phone calls. Battery life is 7 hours of use with a single charge with an additional 14 available from the portable charging case. 

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Olive Union

Withings ScanWatch

10 gift ideas for health fitness tech lovers - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Withings

Those in the US are out of luck as you can only buy Scanwatch in Europe currently. It should be made available in America soon (probably Q4 2020), once Withings secures FDA approval for the device.

This is the most advanced hybrid you can buy. Its headline feature is the ability to spot a serious form of irregular heart rhythm that can lead to heart failure and is a major risk for stroke. Scanwatch has a PPG sensor that is capable of spotting the condition plus you can take an ECG.

The wearable also has a blood oxygen monitor and has Sleep Apnea detection, alongside the usual sensors to help users track their activity day and night.

European users can order the watch on the Withings website. There is a 38mm iteration (€279/£249.95) and a 42mm one (€299/£279.95). Both come with an impressive battery life of 30 days.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

For those that prefer something that looks like a smartwatch, the Vivoactive 4 is a good candidate. It looks great and comes jam-packed with features.

garmin vivoactive 4 vs venu vs vivoactive 3 what are the differences 2 - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers

You can choose from on of two sizes, a 45mm stainless steel model and a 40mm model for small wrists (4S). The larger one comes with up to eight days of battery life in smartwatch mode and six hours in GPS and music mode. The 4S has room for a smaller battery so keeps going slightly less. That’s not bad considering the Vivoactive 4 has an always-on transflective display.

In addition to fitness tracking basics and built-in GPS, there are numerous built-in sports profiles. Other changes over the predecessor include pulse oxygen readings, along with estimated respiration. This will insure you get very advanced sleep analytics. There’s also the Body Battery function, abnormal heart rate alerts, female health tracking, yoga and pilates workouts and much more.

Those that want to spend a bit more can opt for the classy Venu option. That one sports an AMOLED screen but is more pricey. Or you could go the other way and pick up the budget version of the same called Venu SQ.

Amazon | Garmin*


10 father day gift ideas for health fitness tech lovers - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: BlazePod

Your dad might be one of the 80% statistic that don’t make use of their gym memberships. However, there’s a great alternative. Blazepod is an innovative new system allowing anyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, to improve their fitness level.

The wireless, portable system uses lights and sensors with pre-programmed exercises to help you increase agility, reaction time and more. You essentially get a Flash Reflex Training system designed to supercharge your workouts.

We really enjoyed our time with Blazepod. The best part about the product is that it makes exercise fun!

Blazepod (5% discount)* – *This offer/link above is not valid for those living in the UK. They can find more info and purchase Blazepod on

Withings Thermo

withings thermo review the hottest smart thermometer you can buy 6 - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers

Withings Thermo has been around for a few years now, but it is currently finding more use than ever. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know there’s a coronavirus pandemic that brought to the forefront the need for proper hygiene.

Taking your temperature with a device that doesn’t even touch you is as sanitary as you can get. Plus it is much quicker and comfortable to use than its traditional counterparts or in-ear thermometers.

Simply bring it close to the middle of your forehand and slowly scan straight across to the hairline. In a second or two Thermo will vibrate twice letting you know it is finished. You’ll then see your reading on the device’s display.

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Amazon | Withings*

Theragun Elite

10 gift ideas for health fitness tech lovers 1 - 10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Theragun

Percussion therapy releases rapid bursts of pressure into the tissue of your body. Put more simply, it is deep tissue massage. One option is to go to a physical therapist or a licensed massage individual to get this. The other is to opt for a home-based option that provide pretty much the same effect.

This is where Theragun Elite comes in. The thing loosely resembles a gun, hence the name. But instead of bullets, it shoots relief through your muscles, aids recovery and decreases soreness. The gizmo does this by punching you – rapidly and repeatedly.

Reliable hardware and build quality is crucial when it comes to massage guns. But of equal importance is the quality of the software. Theragun Elite ticks both of these boxes with flying colours.

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