MWC Barcelona 2021 to hold in person event, London WTS will be virtual

MWC Barcelona 2021 will be an in-person event with reinforced COVID-19 safety measures. The London Wearable Technology Show (WTS), on the other hand, has chosen the virtual option.

Event organizers have been struggling since the start of the pandemic and we saw a number of cancellations. Earlier this year, for the first time in its 54 year old history CES did not hold a physical event. Instead, the Los Vegas gathering adopted an on-line only format.

Notably, a number of regular wearable tech attendees were absent. But there were a few and we saw the unveiling of a number of devices. This includes Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0, Honor Band 6, Fossil Gen 5 LTE, Amazfit GTS/GTR 2e and others.

London Wearable Technology Show 2021

Now in its eight year, the annual London WTS is held in early March. While smaller in format than some other similar events, London WTS is best known for its conference program.

Last year it did adopt a physical event as it was just the beginning of the COVID spread in Europe. Prominently displayed were safety instructions and notices that ‘high touch’ areas where the spread of viruses is more likely were being cleaned often.

Nevertheless, it was a much more low key affair. We attended and the smaller number of attendees was quite noticeable. That was perhaps to be expected.

mwc barcelona 2021 to hold in person event london wts will be virtual - MWC Barcelona 2021 to hold in person event, London WTS will be virtual

In 2021 the event starts on March 16th. Unlike last year, it will be an all-digital event. Not too surprising considering the current lockdown conditions in the UK. They are expected to be lifted but it will take a few months before such gatherings will be allowed to take place in physical venues.

Those who are interested in attending the virtual London WTS can register on this link. The Expo pass is free while the Conference pass runs at £49 and the Startup Expo package at £99.

MWC Barcelona 2021

Last year MWC was axed due to the pandemic. That news came after scores of companies announced they would not be attending the trade show. Let’s hope the same does not happen this year as the Spanish organizers are feeling more optimistic. They have decided to hold an in-person gathering.

Some things will change, though, as compared to previous years. The surprise decision means the event will not be held in the first quarter, but rather in June this year. What’s more, the number of attendees has been cut from the usual 100,000 to 50,000. Those who choose to attend will need to provide results of a COVID-19 test from the previous 72 hours before arriving.

mwc barcelona 2021 to hold in person event london wts will be virtual 1 - MWC Barcelona 2021 to hold in person event, London WTS will be virtual

There will be other safety measures, too. This includes compulsory masks, social distancing, touchless registration and more. The organizers will also regulate the flow of people moving around the venue, there will be regular disinfections of stands, product samples and other equipment.

MWC Barcelona 2021 starts on June 28th and concludes on July 1st. It is still too early to register but those planning to attend can check out the safety measures that are planned to be put in place.

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