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The most wished for Fitbit features – as voted for by thousands of users

Fitbit runs an excellent Community forum where you can find all manner of info and get solutions to common problems. It is also a good place to go to for info on firmware upgrades. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to install new software right away as there could be issues. Browsing through comments of users who have already done an installation will give you an idea whether you should hold off until all the bugs are squashed or make the jump.

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One part of the forum deals with new functionality users would like see – a sort of a wishlist. We’ve sifted through the posts and compiled a list of features that have received the most votes. Here are the top 5, along with a recap of other popular ones.

We’ve excluded items such as Spotify for Ionic/Versa (which topped the rankings for a long time), smart alarms and others that have already been implemented. Some of which only for Fitbit Premium subscribers.

This is the list.

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#5 Ability to edit logged exercises on Android phones

Votes: 2,892
Status: Under consideration

This is a feature that has been on the list for years. Fitbit does not allow you to edit an exercise session after the fact on Android phones. You are able to do some edits on iPhones.

The company has an auto-detect activity feature but it’s not always perfectly accurate. Plus users sometimes forget to end an activity after manually starting it. That can really mess up your fitness data. You didn’t really do that 5 hour run!

The only option currently is to delete the exercise and manually recreate one. But then you lose stats such as heart rate. A simple edit beginning/end time of an exercise would be a nice start. This type of functionality did exist in the past so it should not be too difficult to bring it back.

#4 Pokemon Go and Fitbit integration

Votes: 2,906
Status: Not currently planned

A few years ago Pokemon Go was all the rage. We suspect this feature received most of the votes in 2016 and 2017 which is the reason it is still amongst the top five.

The game encourages you to walk by sending you into the real world to search for the mythical digital pocket monsters known as Pokemon. There’s also a wearable that makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices.

Now that Fitbits are increasingly coming with built-in GPS, it might be easier to connect the two. A few suggestions include Pokémon related badges, in-game items for Pokémon go when reaching Fitbit goals and more. Another possibility could be to develop a step sync for the Pokemon go app so that steps logged with Fitbits provide credit in Pokemon Go adventures.

#3 A driving mode option to avoid erroneous steps/floors

Votes: 3,649
Status: Under consideration

Step count matters. That’s why many of us buy Fitbits. It’s annoying when the count is clearly off. For example, when driving we often get credited with steps we didn’t actually make.

“I am a truck driver and my Fitbit log 15,000 plus steps throughout my day of stopping and going. Getting in and out.” says one users on the Fitbit Community Forum.

“It is really annoying to log this manually or having to take watch off and put back on to connect to charger to not log driving hours.”

The only way to resolve this is by manually logging the activity “Automobile or light truck (not a semi) driving” and entering the duration. But that’s not good enough.

There should be a “Drive Mode” feature that can be turned on whenever we are in the car. The fitness tracker would then know not to count steps, calculate distance or floors. And the calorie count should be equal to what you would get if you were sitting in a chair.

An auto-Drive Mode would be even better. Surely it should not be too difficult to create an algorithm that can detect when you are behind the wheel or sitting in a car. Apple has managed to do this for the iPhone. After six years of asking for the feature, it’s about time Fitbit does it as well.

#2 Integration with Google Fit

Votes: 7,943
Status: Not currently planned

The second most wished for feature is integration with Google Fit. Many users with an Android device in their pocket feel this should be a must. Strangely enough, the functionality is marked as “not currently planned”.

We say strangely, because Google has announced its takeover of Fitbit has gone through earlier this year. Yes, Fitbit is officially part of Google now. The search giant has paid $7.35 per share for the wearables manufacturer in an all-cash deal totaling around $2.1 billion.

Don’t be surprised if the status of the suggestion is changed to “implemented” in the near future. Who knows, we might even get a single app that works both with Fitbit and WearOS devices.

#1 Integration with iOS health

Votes: 8,779
Status: Not currently planned

The most wished for feature is integration with iOS health. It has been Top of the Pops for some time now.

Integration with iOS Health would make it easy for iPhone owners to keep all their health and fitness information in one place. Fitbit Community users feel it represents a huge opportunity to make Fitbit devices even smarter and more integrated.

But don’t hold your breath. Apple Health integration is not planned at the moment.

So for now, your only option is to opt for a third party solution. One of these is called Sync Solver for Fitbit ($4.99) – but there are others. Once you enter all the passwords and connect the accounts, it’s a simple matter of choosing the metric categories you would like to sync.

Other wearables manufactures such as Garmin and Withings have a direct connection from their app to Apple Health. Let’s hope Fitbit goes down this route, too.

Best of the rest

There are hundreds of other suggestions that have been put forward. Some of the other more popular ones are:

  • integration with S health (2,422 votes);
  • Stationary Rowing Machine exercise shortcut (2,371 votes);
  • rearrange/customize Charge 3 apps/Stats view (2,348 votes);
  • naming/labelling alarms (2,322 votes);
  • more badges/trophies (2,135 votes),
  • Amazon Music integration (1,936 votes)
  • Integrate with  Apple Watch (1,923 votes)
  • Hear rate data export to Excel/CSV (1,907 votes), etc.

What would you like to see? Leave a comment below or cast your vote directly on the Fitbit Community Forum.

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