Alleged renders of Google Pixel Watch posted online

A leaker with an excellent track record has hinted the Google Pixel Watch is back on the cards. To prove it he has posted a few renders of the device. They are apparently based on the real thing.

Most of us have given up hope on ever seeing a Google Pixel Watch. But the company may be using its linkup with Fitbit to push the smartwatch through the finish line.

The timing of this latest leak sounds like too much of a coincidence. To remind, the search giant snapped up Fitbit with the transaction receiving the necessary regulatory approvals earlier this year. Fitbit is now officially part of Google.

Rumors have been circulating about the Pixel Watch for some 3-4 years now. You could almost call it an annual tradition. However, talk seems to have died down about a year and a half ago. In late 2019 we ran a story on a Japanese newspaper that hinted Google will release a smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch. But as with all the previous rumors, nothing materialized.

But now we have some fresh news. According to Jon Prossier, a leaker with a good track record, the company does have the Pixel Watch in the works (codenamed “Rohan). And he has posted a few renders of the device to prove it.

Alleged pic of Google Pixel Watch posted online, more images to follow

These are not the real thing. Instead, they are created by an artist based on images that Prosser received. Prossier says they recreate both the hardware and software.

Alleged pic of Google Pixel Watch posted online, more images to follow

Perhaps someone at Google finally remembered they bought Fitbit! Prossier says this is only a teaser. He is promising to release more images and videos in the near future.

Unlike the Apple Watch, the pics shows a circular device with a crown on the right-hand side. The latter might be a rotating crown, physical button or combination of both. The timepiece is rather smart looking and practically has no bezels on the sides. It will definitely be one of the best looking watches out there.

Alleged pic of Google Pixel Watch posted online, more images to follow

If these are images of a device in the making, the Google Pixel Watch could finally get an official soon. Then again, it could be a device that the search giant worked on before but never saw the light of day.

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A launch opportunity could be the Google I/O 2021 which is set to take place towards the end of May. The other, more likely, possibility is the Pixel 5a or the Pixel 6 series unveiling which will happen later this year. Prosser says that the device is currently scheduled for October which would coincide with this. He adds that the project could be late in which case the watch would not be unveiled until 2022.

Alleged pic of Google Pixel Watch posted online, more images to follow

In any case we are curious to see what happens on the wearables front with Fitbit and Google. And let’s not forget Wear OS. Google now has both its own and Fitbit’s operating system under its belt. It would be a huge blow to Wear OS if the Pixel Watch ran on anything other than its long-struggling operating system.

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