Facebook’s health & messaging WearOS watch will have two video cameras

Some more information has leaked on the upcoming Facebook smartwatch. This is a rumored WearOS device with messaging, health and fitness features. It is set to land in the Summer of 2022.

The first information on the upcoming watch was published at the start of this year in an article by The Information. This quotes four “people with direct knowledge of the device”. Apparently, the timepiece represents the search giant’s effort to gain an entry into what is expected to be one of the next computing platforms after smartphones.

An article in the Verge yesterday has provided some more clues on what to expect. What follows is a recap of all we have learned so far.

Facebook smartwatch – what we know

Social media has come to play a central role in many people’s lives. For better or worse, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – they are not going away anytime soon.

Most smartwatches come with some sort of social media integration. Typically this ends with app notifications on your wrist. But things may change soon.

Facebook is looking to come out with a smartwatch of its own. Apparently, the device will initially run on Google’s Wear OS. At a later stage this will be replaced with Facebook’s proprietary operating system for hardware devices.

As you’d expect, such a watch will have messaging features. Other functionality is set to include “quick interactions” with other Facebook users.

The social media giant’s device will also pack health and fitness features. Exactly what kind, it is not clear yet. We would be surprised if it introduces anything new in this area but you never know.

Facebook has a health technology patent that was registered recently. It is about incorporating EMG (Electromyography) sensors into wearables. For those not in the know, EMG is a process for detecting and processing the electrical signals generated by muscle activity. However, the patent is more about using the tech to control content displayed on electronic displays than health.

The company has also acquired the neural interface startup CTRL-Labs back in 2019.

“Bigger picture to this watch: FB bought CTRL-labs for roughly $1b in 2019, which was making an armband that can interpret brain signals to control computer interfaces. FB hopes to eventually build that tech into the watch to control its future AR glasses.” writes Alexa Health from The Information.

All of this hints that the device will mostly about smart functionality and integration with social media and Facebook hardware. Health and fitness features are likely to be limited.

Two cameras – one detacheable for photo and video taking

Now, the Verge has added some information of its own. They spoke to two people familiar with the project who chose to remain annonomous.

According to these sources, the upcoming watch will feature two cameras. The camera located on the front of the watch display is meant for video calls. Another other camera will be positioned on the back. That one is detacheable and comes with 1080p, auto-focus for capturing quality photo and video footage.

The idea here is to have a watch that users will be able to utilize for media capturing and sharing on Facebook and Instagram. Sources say that other companies will be encouraged to create accessories for things like packpacks for attaching the camera.

Our take on a possible Facebook watch

This is not Facebook’s first venture into hardware. It acquired Oculus in 2014 so has a significant presence in the virtual reality consumer headset space. Then there are its Portal devices which offer video chat with Alexa integration. Finally, Facebook is also looking to bring to market Ray-Ban branded smart glasses later this year.

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Do we really need a watch from Facebook? Perhaps not, but it looks like we are getting one. Hopefully such a device will go further than simply providing deeper Facebook integration.

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