Holoswim: the next generation AI swim experience

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AR tech is slowly invading the sport of swimming. It comes in the form of performance-tracking smart goggle displays which are many times more convenient that pausing to check a sports watch. The latest to enter this space is Kickstarter-funded Holoswim.

Mind you, these are not the only AR smart goggles around. FORM Swim Goggles were first to enter this market a couple of years ago. This was followed by FINIS Smart Goggle in early 2021. What sets apart Holoswim is its low price and the fact that they can display messages from a connected smartphone.

Looking at the images, Holoswim remind more of FORM than FINIS goggles. What you get is a fairly traditional looking set of goggles. The only clue that there is something different about them is the electronic module on one side.

Hong Kong-based startup called Guangli says Holoswim goggles have an OELD holographic display and AR diffractive optical waveguide which show real-time user data in your line of vision. We have tested similar tech and it really has to be tried to appreciate how convenient it is for monitoring your swim performance. Like something from the future.

The stats you can see while swimming include distance, time, pace and more. Users can switch between different displays by pressing a physical button on the module. The goggles can also automatically detect the type of your stroke (for breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle).

Download the accompanying iOS/Android app and you’ll be able to review and dissect your performance in detail on your smartphone. This also has training programs for those interested in that sort of thing, as well as a social aspect.

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All of this sounds very much like the tech we have already seen in FORM Swim Goggles and the FINIS Smart Goggle. However, one feature that these other products lack are smartphone notifications.

Leave your phone by the poolside and Holoswim goggles will alert you to incoming calls. This works via Bluetooth so the functionality kicks in whenever you are in range of 5 meters from the smartphone.

Battery life is excellent. A full charge of the 110mAh Lithium-ion battery will keep everything going for around 10 hours. That’s around 500 lengths of a 50 meter pool for an average swimmer, in case you were wondering. The goggles are lightweight (75 grams) and come with IPX8 waterproofing (down to 5 meters deep).

If all this piques your interest, $89 is what it costs to get a set of Holoswim goggles delivered to your door-step in December. There are six colors to choose from. If you’d rather not wait that long or don’t like the risk of crowdfunded projects, check out our FORM Swim Goggles and FINIS Smart Goggle reviews.

Price: $89 and up

Raised:$5,743 of $2,500 goal

Estimated delivery: December 2021
40 days to go

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