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Muse launches next generation sleep wearable

Interaxon Inc (Muse) has announced a new meditation and sleep gadget. Muse S (2nd gen) is a headband-style wearable that uses something called Smart Fade technology. This enables it to automatically start to play your favorite sounds and lull you back into slumber if you wake up during the night.

We reviewed Muse 2 back in 2019 and found it to be an excellent meditation aid. The company is one of the pioneers in this area and it is only recently that we are seeing other entrants. Muse 2 has a heart rate monitor, along with an accelerometer and gyroscope to monitor body movement and breath in addition to your brain. For the latter, the headband is lined seven EEG sensors which are positioned along a user’s scalp.

The gizmo definitely makes meditation more interesting. The changes in mind and body are instantly reflected on the smartphone display. It is an eye opening experience on just how easy it is to become distracted and lose focus.

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In addition to the original Muse line, there is also a Muse S. Announced at CES 2020, it comes with daytime meditation, plus it promotes healthy sleep habits. Other improvements come in the form of design enhancements – such as breathable material and stretch fabric. This is necessary as the device is meant to be worn in bed. 

Muse S (2nd gen) – what’s new?

Now we are getting Muse S (2nd gen). This version aims to take your overnight recovery to the next level.

The predecessor device offers meditation experiences that help you fall asleep. This generation builds on that with Smart Fade tech capable of figuring out if you’ve woken up during the night. At that point it will gently start to play sleep stories, ambient sleep soundscapes, biofeedback sound soundscapes or guided sleep meditations. It all depends on your preference. Sleep content likes vary from person to person.

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While it is doing this Muse S monitors changes in your brain activity in real-time. When it assesses that you are asleep it will gently fade out the sound. The company refers to this as a “Digital Sleeping Pill”.

Other improvements that come on the gen 2 wearable include better signal quality for improved accuracy, longer battery life and 50% quicker charging time. There device now fits a wider range of head sizes (48-62cm). As before, users still get detailed sleep tracking stats including position tracking and a sleep score. Plus the daytime meditation functionality.

Image source: Muse

Muse says these “Digital Sleeping Pill” features will also come to the first generation band free of charge. Users should look for a firmware update in December 2021.

Muse S (2nd gen) sells for $399.99 at Presumably, the company will now phase out the first generation device. Muse S comes with an optional subscription that runs at $12.99 per month ($94.99 per year). For that you get access to Biofeedback+, a library of 500+ meditations curated by professional meditation teachers, along with other premium content.

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