Fitbit Premium Member feature encourages sleep with cute animal comparisons

Fitbit is in the final stages of introducing a Premium Member feature. Entitled “Your sleep animal”, it compares your overnight rest habits to animals via fun graphic representions.

Do you sleep like a tortoise, parrot, dolphin, hedgehog or bear? Fitbit will let you know.

A Tortoise takes a while to get going but slowly and surely it will get there. Those who sleep like a tortoise take a while to fall asleep but tend to get a healthy amount of kip time.

Then there are those that sleep like a parrot. Full of energy, they tend to be light sleepers. But despite their restlessness they get enough sleep, particularly Deep sleep. The negative is that they tend to get a lower proportion of REM sleep. This is the sleep stage when you dream.

“Sleep Animals” is a feature that some Premium Members will notice but others may not as it is still in Beta. You can check whether it has been enabled for your account by going to the Sleep page in the smartphone app. It should be between the top bar graph and your daily sleep score.

If you have it, click on the graphic and this will take you to a page where you will find a series of animals with a description of each one. There you will also find tips on how to improve sleep depending on the category you fit in. Perhaps in a few weeks you will be able to equate your sleep habits to another animal.

The Sleep Animals feature has been in the works for a while

As first spotted by 9to5Google, Fitbit has rolled out the functionality for a limited time and to a limited number of Premium users. Once it is available to all, it will require Premium membership. The idea is to present a fun and enjoyable comparison that will encourage people to understand and improve their sleep habits.

The feature has been in the works for a while now. It was first spotted back in May in the APK of the Fitbit application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. Interestingly, at that time Fitbit had a hummingbird and kangaroo as one of the six different animals. But has since decided to switch them around for other ones.

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If you are not a tortoise or parrot, you might be a dolphin – i.e. a segmented sleeper. What does this mean? It means that you are a jazzed up creature that has trouble switching off. You sleep in chunks and your sleep quality is all over the place. Those with such sleep habits may find a need to supplement overnight rest with daily naps.

Hedgehogs are shallow sleepers. These people typically fall asleep fast, they sleep sound, but they tend not to get enough sleep. If you are a hedgehog you might benefit from increasing your overall sleep time as this will improve the amount of deep and REM sleep that you get.

Moving quickly on and we have the giraffe. Despite their large size, giraffes tend to sleep less than other animals. Those with such habits tend not to get as much sleep as they need. The positive is that they don’t have many long awakenings during the night and they get enough of REM sleep.

The final animal is the bear. This is undoubtedly the one to aim for. Bears sleep soundly, throughout the whole night. No change needed to your routine. This type of person gets enough nightly rest so will be ready to tackle anything the next day might bring.

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