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Nowatch can warn you ahead of time if you are getting stressed

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We’ve covered a number of interesting wearables at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Another one comes from the Dutch health startup Nowatch. Their timepiece senses stress levels in real-time with the use of a EDA sensor and warns the user in advance.

The wearable was initially launched via an Indiegogo campaign in December. This raised just over $100,000 towards the development of the device. The 235 backers each contributed around $600. The reasons for the steep price lie in the specs.

Nowatch resembles a regular smartwatch but it lacks one important thing – it doesn’t have a standard display or the regular smart features. Think of it as a fitness tracker that looks like a smartwatch.

The main party trick of the device is its ability to predict stress levels in your body in real-time. The watch gets this ability thanks to an electrodermal sensor (EDA), just like the one that can be found in Fitbit Sense.

Image source: Nowatch

As Fitbit explains it, EDA sensors detect tiny electrical changes called electrodermal activity responses in your skin. But rather than just tracking the metric, Nowatch has the ability to predict your congnitive zones up to an hour in advance.

So if you see yourself getting stressed out, it gives you ample time to take some time to calm down by stretching or perhaps meditating. Or just chilling on the sofa. The company says it stress-tracking algorithms were put together by Philips.

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Other than that, Nowatch has the ability to track heart rate, temperature, heart rate variability and much more. Below is a chart illustrating how it differs from standard wearables.

Image source: Nowatch

Interestingly, Nowatch does not monitor sports activities like traditional wearables. Instead, the device calculates energy expenditure by working out the number of metabolic calories needed to sustain your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The device is more about general health than individual sports tracking.

The beautiful looking watch-like device can go for two weeks between charges. It is rated 3 ATM for water-resistance and comes in a number of different interchangeable disc options that are held in place by a magnet. You can choose between labradorite, amethyst, white agate, lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye, malachite and falcon’s eye disks. The case comes in gold, silver and rose variants.

If all goes well with manufacturing Indiegogo backers can expect delivery of Nowatch in March 2022. Pre-orders for the rest of us start on February 1st, at $599.

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