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Apple will run two Apple Watch activity challenges in February

February is Black History Month and Apple will be offering a Unity Challenge badge to mark the occasion. The Cupertino outfit has also announced a Lunar Month challenge in the coming weeks.

Black History Month is an annual observance of the ongoing fight for racial justice also known as African-American History Month. So far it has received official recognition from the United States and Canada. It is also honored in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands.

This is the second year in a row that Apple is hosting the Apple Watch Unity Challenge. Last year the company also launched a special straps for the occasion. This year we’re only getting the challenge.

Users should start receiving notifications soon on what they need to do win a medal in the Activity app. Additional prizes will come in the form of stickers for use in Messages and FaceTime.

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Basically, the task consists of closing the move ring seven days in a row during the month February. That sounds easier than it actually is as you cannot miss a day during that week.

This month, let’s honour Black history and look forward to our future together. Earn this Unity award by closing your Move ring seven days in a row during February.

These are the Unity Challenge stickers you can earn.

The other challenge to land in February is the Lunar New Year Challenge. For this one users will be tasked with completing any 20 minute workout between February 1st and 15th. That sounds much simpler to complete than the Unity Challenge. Here’s how Apple describes it.

Balance this season of relaxation with a little exercise. Do any workout for at least 20 minutes between February 1 and 15 to get this award. Record your workout with the Workout app or any app that adds workouts to Health. 

Lunar year is not celebrated everywhere. It is therefore very likely the challenge will only be available in China and other eastern Asian countries.

Here’s the gallery of stickers you can snag for Lunar Year.

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