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Qardiobase X is a 12 metric body composition scale

Qardio has launched a new device. Dubbed Qardiobase X, this is the latest smart scale in their product portfolio.

The company has been around for a while. In fact you could say that Quardio is one of the pioneers in the wearables space.

Its device offering includes a smart blood pressure monitor, smart thermometer, pulse oximeter and ECG monitor. As far as smart scales, the range has consisted so far of the original Qardiobase and its followup Qardiobase 2.

Now we can add one more name to this list.

Qardiobase X – a new scale from Qardio

Unlike Qardio’s first two scales, Qardiobase X take a more traditional square shape. There was talk the round form factor of the earlier products could be unstable due to their shape. That should not be a problem with the new device. What’s more, Qardio says the scale works on any surface including carpet.

Made of tempered glass and ABS bottom housing the scale measures 320 x 320 x 20 mm and weighs around 3 kilograms. There’s a USB-C type charging port on one side with a single charge lasting a full year. You will definitely not be reaching for the charging cable too often!

Qardiobase X

This is a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled scale that works in conjunction with the Qardio app. But as with any scale, you can also view the stats on the device itself. A LCD screen blends nicely with the surface area.

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As far as ability, the scale measures 12 different metrics making it more capable that Qardio’s earlier generation scales. In addition to weight, this includes:

  • Muscle mass
  • Body fat %.
  • Bone.
  • Water composition.
  • Metabolic age.
  • BMR (Basal metabolic rate).
  • Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.
  • Skeletal muscle.
  • Protein.
  • Fat-free body weight.
  • BMI.

Up to 8 users can use the scale and it is able to automatically recognize the person standing on it. There’s also a visitor mode for unregistered users, along with a private mode.

Qardiobase X

So far these are pretty standard features and it is difficult to see what makes this scale stand out from the crowd apart from the well-known brand name. But some more novel features come in the form of a Pregnancy Mode and Athlete Mode.

The first allows you to track your progress through each trimester with charts and a photo diary in the Qardio app. The second informs the scale to lower fat mass measurements and increase muscle mass measurements. It addresses the common frustration of athletes, where their values do not match their characteristic lifestyle and body composition.

Qardiobase X

Qardiobase X is available for pre-order now in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe on Qardio’s website. The scale comes in a choice between Volcanic Black and Arctic White. In the UK it costs £109.45 which works out to around $135 in the US. Actual availability is expected in July.

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