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A new high-end TicWatch may be about to land

A user on Reddit has shared an email from Mobvoi which reveals that the company may be preparing to launch the TicWatch Pro 4 in the near future.

Apparently, he was sent an email from Mobvoi asking him if he had any interest in registering as a beta tester. He replied yes and received a correspondence back saying “our new advanced product TicWatch is about to be released”. And that the company is looking for “advanced users for this model”.

The email goes on to say that the device has:

  • Long duration battery
  • NFC payment which is compatible with Google Pay.
  • IP68 waterproof, GPS, speaker and microphone
  • New IHB/AFiB detection and fatigue assessment
  • Improved premium design, flagship model

That certainly sounds like a fairly high-end smartwatch. Most likely, this is a reference to the TicWatch 4 Pro. This is Mobvoi’s most advanced wearable and its flagship Wear OS smartwatch.

None of these features are particularly new and it is difficult to see what is particularly compelling about these specs. It has been about a year since the company launched the last iteration in the series. It came in the form of the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra. That one also has the ability to spot irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) and stress levels. But it appears that Mobvoi is hinting at further improvements.

Beyond that, TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra comes with a more robust build, faster speed and better performance over the original. It has “military-grade” build as evidenced by its MIL-STD-810G certificate. This is coupled with the 4100 Qualcomm chip and battery life that is good for about 72 hours in smart mode.

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We reviewed the TicWatch Pro 4G back in 2019. The highlight of this device is its innovative duel-layer screen. It provides an always-on experience and excellent readability in the bright summer sun. Most of our interactions with the device went without a hitch. Everything just worked well out of the box.

The next edition in the Wear OS platform is bringing renewed interest in devices that support it. Mobvoi is one of the big names on this list and it has been helping to keep Googles operating system going. The Montblanc Summit has just launched with support for Wear OS 3.0. Mobvoi has confirmed that its high-end watches will support the upgraded platform.

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