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Spotify users advised not to install Apple WatchOS 9 due to streaming issue

Spotify has flagged up an issue with WatchOS 9 that causes streaming on the Apple Watch to stop working.

This came via an email from the popular music service, as well as a notification in the app. Spotify advises their users not to install the Watch OS 9 update until the bug is squashed.

If you’ve installed the new software already, you can still listen to Spotify content on your Apple Watch by downloading content directly to the device on your wrist. That’s for offline listening. The other option is to stream content from your connected iPhone.

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Is this an issue with Spotify, or Apple watchOS 9?

Is this the case of Spotify running late with updating their app to the latest version of Apple’s operating system? It is not clear. The company has phrased this as if the issue is with Apple, not them.

And what about those who purchase new Apple Watches? Their devices will come with WatchOS 9 pre-installed. The company never lets new hardware run an operating system older than the actual device.

Head off to the Spotify community forums and there’s a long thread discussing the problem. Needless to say, users are not happy.

Oddly enough, some people on Reddit have reported they are running the latest version of Apple’s watch operating system with zero playback issues. Other users, though, are reporting an issue when streaming to their watch without an iPhone. Playback stops after a while and the app needs a force close and reopen to play another song.

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The Spotify app was first introduced on the Apple Watch around three years ago, but with limited functionality. Some would argue that it still has limited functionality!

In November 2020, the software was upgraded with standalone streaming over WiFi or cellular without the need for an iPhone. Last year it got another useful update. That one allows users to download music to their Apple Watch and listen to content without a smartphone nearby. Useful if don’t have cellular and like to listen to music while exercising.

Despite all these upgrades, the software has been buggy – particularly when used independently from the iPhone. The one feature, however, which consistently gets praise is the sync ecosystem. When you play something on Spotify, it is synced to all your devices. So you can play a song on the phone, for example, and control the playback from the watch, iPad, laptop, etc. This is better implemented than Apple’s native solution.

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One thought on “Spotify users advised not to install Apple WatchOS 9 due to streaming issue

  • Same issue with Amazon Music and watchos 9. It looks like it is an Apple bug.


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