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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers

Looking for that perfect gift for that special someone or for yourself? It’s that time of the year. We’ve rounded up some great ideas for health and fitness wearable tech lovers. Valentine’s Day sales are around the corner so you’ll be able to get many of these with sizeable discounts.

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For those who value their health and wellness, health and fitness technology can make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. It is a way of expressing your concern for your loved one’s well-being and health, as well as your desire to support their goals. A fitness tracker or smartwatch as a gift can be practical and useful in tracking their fitness progress and monitoring their health.

There are numerous options on the market, so you can select a product that meets your loved one’s specific needs and preferences. With technological advancements making it easier to track and monitor health and fitness, this type of gift can encourage and motivate your loved one to live a healthier lifestyle. It can be a meaningful and practical way to demonstrate your love and support for your significant other.

Read on for our selection.

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Fitbit Charge 5/Versa range

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, you won’t go wrong with a Fitbit. The company is a best selling brand for a reason.

Charge 5 is one of the most feature-packed fitness bands around. It represents a great choice for the average person who does the occasional run here and there and is not looking for a fully fledged smartwatch.

The device comes with a decent sized AMOLED display, water-resistance and up to 7 days of battery life. You’ll find everything you need for 24/7 activity tracking including a heart rate monitor and some more advanced health tracking technology. This includes an ECG sensor, along with an EDA sensor for stress readings. The thing even has built-in GPS which ensures the data on pace and distance is accurate when you’re running.

Fitbit Versa 3 next to Charge 5
Fitbit Versa 3 next to Fitbit Charge 5

If you are looking for a smartwatch, one of the devices in the Versa range is the way to go. This is Fitbit’s second smartwatch and its first proper one. The benefit of buying a Versa is that you’ll get something with a bigger display, apps you can install, Alexa control, smartphone notifications and contactless payments. If, on the other hand, you want absolutely everything the company has on offer as far as health and activity tracking, check out the Fitbit Sense.

Charge 5 (Amazon) | Versa 4 (Amazon)*

Whoop 4.0

Whoop is something for those that are serious about their athletic pursuits. The main focus of the wearable is on recovery and sleep stats. The device helps you better understand your body and how to properly refuel. The ultimate aim of the wearable is to reduce the risk of injury and predict peak performance.

Whoop 4

In our hands-on review we found Whoop to be a really well thought out product. To get the most benefit out of the wearable use the journal to experiment with changes. Vegetarian food? Alcohol? Coffee? Supplements? Adopt your daily routine to find what works for you. WHOOP is a great platform to experiment with changes.

The device offers a great learning experience. A few brands have tried to imitate what it does, but Whoop is still the pack leader as far as sleep and recovery insights. And now, with version 4.0, you have a multiple ways of wearing the band. The two main ones are on the wrist and on the upper arm.


AliveCor KardiaMobile Card

Review AliveCor KardiaMobile Card

This is an ECG device like no other. Put a credit card next to KardiaMobile Card and you’ll notice they have exactly the same dimensions and thickness. The look and feel is pretty much identical. Which means you can slip KardiaMobile Card into your wallet, pocket or bag and it will quietly sit there until you take it out to capture a reading.

This is a medical-grade single-lead ECG device that has been approved by the FDA – meaning you can have confidence in its measurements. It can spot six of the most common heart arrhytmias. There’s no charging and the card should work for a couple of years with the internal battery intact. 

Check out our full hands-on review. We enjoyed the whole concept and ease of taking readings and the simple to use smartphone app. The little device presents itself as a complete solution for those suffering from heart issues or those who simply want to keep a closer eye on their heart health.


Withings Scanwatch

10 gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: Withings

This is the most advanced hybrid you can buy today. Its headline feature is the ability to spot a serious form of irregular heart rhythm that can lead to heart failure and is a major risk for stroke. Scanwatch has a PPG sensor that is capable of spotting the condition plus you can take an ECG. The wearable also has a blood oxygen monitor and has Sleep Apnea detection, alongside the usual sensors to help users track their activity day and night.

ScanWatch is for those looking for something that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker yet performs the functionalities of one. For those that want powerful health tracking but with a touch of class. 

Read our hands-on review

Amazon | Withings*

Garmin Lily

Gone are the days of chunky, masculine looking wearables. Not you have a much wider choice, including devices made for those with smaller wrists. Lily is one of these – this is Garmin’s first smartwatch purely designed for women.


The choice is between Lily Classic and Lily Sport. Beyond the design differences, both pack an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, SpO2 and have Connected GPS (no built-in GPS).  Fitness and health tracking goodies include stress tracking, Body Battery, abnormal heart rate alerts, respiration rate, menstrual cycle and more. The watch can monitor a multitude of sports including yoga, pilates, aerobics and breathing exercises.

A nice touch is the emergency help function. It works by transmitting the location of the wearer on-demand to pre-defined contacts. This does need your phone to function, though.

All things considered, this is a nice addition to Garmin’s range of watches. Something that might make a great gift.

Amazon | Garmin*


10 Father’s Day gift ideas for health & fitness tech lovers
Image source: BlazePod

Your mom or dad might be one of the 80% statistic that don’t make use of their gym memberships. However, there’s a great alternative. Blazepod is an innovative system allowing anyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, to improve their fitness level.

The wireless, portable system uses lights and sensors with pre-programmed exercises to help you increase agility, reaction time and more. You essentially get a Flash Reflex Training system designed to supercharge your workouts.

We really enjoyed our time with Blazepod. The best part about the product is that it makes exercise fun!


Frontier X

As good as wrist watches have become, at high intensity exercise they are still not as good as heart rate chest straps when it comes to accuracy. That is why many people opt to pair their sports watch with an external monitor when working out.

Frontier X2

But there is something that goes beyond the standard heart rate chest strap. Frontier X spits out metrics such as Breathing Rate, Step Cadence, Training Load, Body Shock and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). But of more use is its advanced heart info – namely ECG, cardiac rhythm and cardiac strain. You’ll get real-time vibration alerts if you cross pre-defined thresholds. This enables you to find out in real time if your training intensity is causing undue stress to your heart.

Check out our hands-on review of the gadget. This is a wearable that sits somewhere between a sports and a health device. Those who train with mild heart conditions, those who are recovering from surgery or COVID might benefit from the device.

Frontier X* (20% when you answer quiz questions on website)


Lumen is a breath analyzer that wants to reinvent weight management by monitoring your metabolism and providing a customized nutrition plan. It really is a one-of-a-kind device.

Lumen review
You can easily carry it around with you

You might think your metabolism is the same each day, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It all depends on what and when you eat, how much you exercise, how much you sleep and other factors.

Our bodies tap into two main sources of energy: carbohydrates and fat. Knowing the ratio at which these two are being used at any point in time is important to achieving your health, weight and exercise goals. With each use, Lumen tells you what you’re using for energy. Having this type of data at your fingertips will help you learn how your body processes food, and fine tune your metabolism for the better.

The personal nutritionist in your pocket can be picked up on Lumen’s website. You can get 10% off by clicking on this link. Just make sure to use the code Gadgets10 at checkout (plus up to 50% is off for the holidays). Our full hands-on review can be found on this link.

Withings Sleep Analyzer

Review: Withings Sleep Analyzer, a non-wearable, simple solution that just works

The problem with most sleep trackers is that you have to wear then to bed. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a non-wearable, simple solution? Well there is. It comes in the form of the Withings Sleep Analyzer.

A favorite of ours, the gadget slips under the mattress from where it tracks all aspects of your nightly rest. The promise is that it can even detect sleep apnea and snoring. Absolutely no buttons to push or need to charge. Jump into bed, and go to sleep – that’s it.

In our hands-on review we found it to be an excellent tracking device. The range of data it looks out for includes everything from sleep cycles, to interruptions, sleep heart rate, snoring, breathing disturbances and more. You’ll get info on naps, too. Best of all, it does this accurately even though it lies under a thick mattress.

Amazon | Withings*

Muse S

Rounding off our ten health tech gift ideas is Muse S. This is a a meditation and sleep combination gadget.

Use it during the day to help you focus. There are EEG sensors in the headband, a heart rate monitor, along with an accelerometer and gyroscope to monitor body movement and breath. You can choose from a range of meditation experiences and all of this will be tracked for you in real-time. It definitely makes meditation more interesting. 

At night Muse S can be used as a sleep wearable. Choose from a range of meditation experiences to help you fall asleep. Or opt for sleep stories, ambient sleep soundscapes and biofeedback sound soundscapes.

Muse S provides meditation experiences that lull you into restful sleep

The latest update is something called a “Digital Sleeping Pill”. It plays sounds and knows when to tune them out thanks to Smart Fade technology. If you wake up during the night it will kick into gear once again until you fall back into slumber. The gadget works great – check out our full hands-on review on this link.


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