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Garmin Epix Gen 3: release date, features we would like to see

Garmin is a market leader in wearable technology, offering a variety of smartwatches for various activities and lifestyles. The Epix is one of its most advanced and premium series, combining a rugged design with a touchscreen AMOLED display and a slew of features for outdoor enthusiasts. The Epix Gen 2 is the most recent model in this series, having been released in January 2022.

Many Garmin fans, however, are already anticipating the next generation of this smartwatch, the Epix Gen 3. While Garmin has yet to make an official announcement about this product, we can make some educated guesses based on previous release patterns and customer feedback. In this article, we will look at what we currently know about the potential release date and features of the Garmin Epix Gen 3.

Garmin Epix Gen 3: Features we are likely to see

Epix 2 is a fantastic timepiece. However, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Some of these will occur as a result of the natural state of affairs. Wearables get better with each new generation. This means you can expect features like improved navigation, health and performance tracking enhancements, improved notifications, more music storage, better contactless payment support, and much more.

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So far there have been no leaks on Epix Gen 3. It is perhaps a bit too early for that. Garmin is actually pretty good at keeping things under wrap until around a month or two before launch.

A good example are the Forerunner 265 and 965 watches. We knew little about them until the past few weeks. But since then, we’ve had a number of retailer leaks letting us know pretty much everything there is to know about the upcoming devices. And this is typically how things play out. So as we approach the official launch for the Epix 3, expect a few leaks to come through. We’ll make sure to report on them.

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In the mean time let’s look forward to some of the features we would like to see, including functionality that customers have requested or suggested for the Epix Gen 3. Some of these have already been implemented in other Garmin products or competitors’ products.

Garmin Epix 3
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Multiple size options

The Fenix 7 is available in three sizes: 42mm (7S), 47mm (7), and 51mm (7X). The Epix 2 is only available in one size: 47mm. So having options for those with small and large wrists would be beneficial.

Larger display

The Fenix 7 has a transflective screen that shines brighter in direct sunlight, whereas the Epix 2 has a stunning AMOLED display that shines brighter indoors. While we don’t anticipate that changing, a screen that makes better use of Garmin real estate would be nice.

Those who own an Epix 2 will be disappointed to learn that the upcoming Forerunner 965 has a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen. The Epix 2 has a 1.3-inch display. Despite the fact that the 965 is larger than the Epix, it has a smaller bezel. As a result, there is room to increase the screen size while maintaining the overall dimensions of the Epix 3. Of course, if a 51mm Epix model is released, that one will sport a larger display.

Solar and/or QI charging

The Fenix 7 supports solar charging, whereas the Epix 2 does not. Garmin employs a Power Glass solar-charging lens that is optimized for the spectrum of sunlight and can charge more quickly when exposed to direct sunlight.

Solar technology has advanced to the point where it is no longer just a gimmick and actually improves battery life. It is particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts who spend long periods of time in difficult environments and require reliable tracking and navigation features. And those that live in sunny regions of the globe.

QI charging, which uses electromagnetic induction to transfer power to your device, was also introduced recently on the Garmin Vivomove Trend. The elimination of wires and the prevention of wear and tear on your device’s charging port are some of the advantages of Qi charging on smartwatches. Furthermore, it is simple and convenient to simply place your smartwatch on a charging pad.

Both of these additions would be nice on Epix Gen 3.


The Garmin Fenix 7X flashlight is an integrated hands-free multi-LED flashlight that can be used for sport, adventure, and daily life. By quickly pressing the LIGHT key twice, you can enable or disable it. Above the display, between the watch bezel and the band, is the flashlight. It has brightness, strobe, color, and activity settings that can be changed. For example, it can flash white and red in time with your cadence and direction as you run.

We are pretty sure this will come to Epix Gen 3. There is no reason for it not to.

Speaker and microphone for phone calls / voice assistance

Unlike the Venu 2 Plus, the Epix 2 lacks a speaker and a microphone. Both would be beneficial to include.

Even if there was no cellular version of the watch, it could be used to answer a call without having to take your connected smartphone out of your pocket. The Epix watch currently only displays the caller’s name or phone number and allows you to decline the call from your wrist. Voice assistance is also not available in Epix 2.

New performance metrics

New performance metrics are, of course, are given. Garmin recently acquired the king of performance metrics, Firstbeat Analytics. That means it’s in a great position to keep churning out the goods.

Recovery metrics were all the rage in 2022, and we’re still waiting to see what happens next. However, even simple fixes like the ability to track naps would be fantastic! A $20 budget fitness band is capable of tracking naps. At the time of writing this article no Garmin watches are capable of this!

Additional sensors

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something truly innovative in the sensor space. Garmin covers the fundamentals well and includes nearly everything available on the current crop of wearables. This includes heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiration, and more.

Skin temperature is the only notable omission. However, this appears to be changing soon, as a new section covering the metric was recently discovered in the Garmin Connect app. The feature would be useful for warning you if you are about to get sick. It will most likely work by establishing a baseline and then spitting out metrics on whether your skin temperature during sleep is within or outside of this range.

Then there’s ECG. The Venu 2 Plus is currently the only Garmin watch with this feature. Granted, an ECG is not the top of our wishlist. Most people will take one or two readings and then forget about the feature. Nonetheless, it would be useful.

Other sensors are also a possibility. For example, glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and hydration monitoring. They will most likely not be ready in time for Epix Gen 3 of the watch, but rather Gen 4 or 5. But we can always hope to see them sooner.

Multi-frequency positioning on all versions of the watch

This one is pretty self-evident. On Epix 2, multi-band GNSS is only available for the Sapphire model. That’s not good enough.

Without a doubt, multi-frequency support for satellite systems will be included as standard on the next generation watch. When combined with SatIQ, this provides significantly GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning. Not only is tracking more accurate, but the initial connection is also easier to secure.

LTE version

We’ve been hoping for a cellular Garmin watch for quite some time. Sure, we’ve made some half-hearted attempts with the Forerunner 945 LTE and the Bounce watch for kids. These, however, do not represent true cellular connectivity, as you cannot make or receive calls. Garmin has so far only used the functionality to support safety features.

Is Epix the right watch for this kind of technology to debut? Perhaps it is as a high-end device. However, there are other watches where this would be a more natural fit, such as the Venu collection.

Garmin Epix 3
Image source: Garmin

Garmin Epix Gen 3: Potential release date

The Garmin Epix Gen 3 smartwatch is a much-anticipated device that could provide a plethora of features and functions for outdoor enthusiasts. While we don’t know exactly what it will look like, we can make educated guesses based on previous models and current trends. The same applies to a potential release date.

  • The Garmin Epix (Gen 1) was released in January 2015.
  • The Garmin Epix (Gen 2) was released in January 2022.

As can be seen from the above, it took Garmin a full seven years to update the first generation Epix watch. But have no fear, Epix Gen 3 will come well before 2029!

The company has implemented a strategy of updating its devices every two years or so. There are occasionally interim editions, in which case the wait time is reduced. For instance, the Fenix 5 was released in 2017, the Fenix 5 Plus in 2018, and the Fenix 6 in 2019. But there was a 2.5-year wait before we saw Fenix 7.

Based on this, we anticipate the release of the Garmin Epix (Gen 3) in January 2024. That actually coincides with CES 2024 in Las Vegas, which could present an excellent opportunity for the device’s launch. But Garmin is more likely to wait until the show is over. To remind, Epix was launched in late January 2022, a couple of weeks after CES closed its doors.

We hope that Garmin will take customer feedback into consideration and deliver a product that meets or exceeds expectations. What are your thoughts on the Epix Gen 3? What features do you want to see in the next edition? Please let us know in the comments!

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