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Huawei Watch D2: the buzz around the health-savvy wearable

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, is set to launch a new and improved version of its health-focused smartwatch, the Huawei Watch D2. The device is expected to hit the market in the latter half of the year, and the news originates from a Weibo tipster who remains tight-lipped on further details about the device.

Capable of measuring blood pressure from the wrist

The Huawei Watch D2 will be the successor to the first edition launched back in December 2021. That device has received critical acclaim for being one of the few wearables in the market that can measure blood pressure from the wrist. The Samsung line is another such wearable, although it does require calibration and the readings are only on-demand. 

Huawei Watch D is equipped with a high-precision pressure sensor, intricate pressure feedback controls, and reduced air resistance to ensure accurate blood pressure readings. It utilises the Huawei TruBP blood pressure algorithm, which is based on an advanced cascade model.

When you trigger an on-demand reading, the wearable inflates, much like a miniature traditional cuff-style monitor, due to the micro-pump mechanism. A reading will appear on the screen after a short wait.

But the Huawei Watch D doesn’t stop at just measuring blood pressure. It includes customizable smart blood pressure reminders and provides insights into blood pressure-related issues, exercise, and weight. The device aims to help users improve their overall health by providing valuable health-related information.

Huawei Watch D2

The addition of temperature tracking, better water resistance?

Additionally, Watch D boasts several other features. It can take on-demand ECG readings and track heart rate (with an eight-channel high-sensitivity optical sensor), daily activity, sleep, and around 70 different sports. Huawei has stated that it plans to add continuous body temperature detection technology to its wearables in the future, so perhaps we might see this integrated into Watch D2.

In terms of design, the Huawei Watch D features a durable aluminum alloy frame, 2.5D curved glass, and a macromolecular tensile strap. The ergonomically-arced airbag and butterfly clasp ensure that the device remains stable during inflation, helping with accuracy of measurements.

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Another area of improvement on Watch D2 could do with water resistance. The current iteration has only a IP68 water and dust resistance which makes it ok to wear in the rain. But you are not able to swim with it. Having said that, it probably will survive being submerged in water for a very short time.

Huawei Watch D2

The anticipation builds as we consider how the Watch D2 will improve on its predecessor. So, keep your eyes peeled and your blood pressure in check, the next generation device is coming soon. No doubt as the launch date approaches we will know more details about its features.

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