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Galaxy Watch 5 series skin temperature feature coming soon

In a move to expand the health-tracking capabilities of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatches, Samsung is planning to incorporate nightly skin temperature readings. The feature is expected to land in the months ahead.

This development follows a software update from ten days ago that added menstrual cycle tracking based on skin temperature measurements. Launched nearly nine months after the introduction of the fifth-generation series, this feature is a result of a collaboration between Samsung and Natural Cycles, a company dedicated to advancing women’s health through innovative fertility technology.

While we eagerly await skin temperature readings for general use, it appears the wait may soon be over. Samsung is taking steps to unlock the full potential of these sensors.

Samsung plans for skin temperature and Galaxy Watch series

In a Samsung community forum for Korea, a company official responsible for Samsung Health Service announced the upcoming skin temperature-based health tracking functions. These functions will be available on future models of the Galaxy Watch. The official, however, did not provide any specifics or a timetable for when the changes would be implemented, citing service policies as the reason. But he has made it clear the feature is coming.

Both the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have temperature sensors that are based on infrared technology. However, until very recently the smartwatches did not make any use of these sensors. With the launch of its skin temperature-based menstrual tracking feature, Samsung is putting this sensor to use.

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Monitoring an individual’s skin temperature with a smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series can offer helpful information regarding an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. Leading brands such as Fitbit and Whoop have already incorporated this functionality into their products. We expect that Samsung’s temperature function will operate in a manner that is comparable to that of their competitors.

Which means, instead of delivering actual skin temperature readings the smartwatches will display fluctuations. By monitoring these measurements during the night, users can track whether their temperature is above or below their baseline. This information can help users identify potential health issues, manage their fitness, and receive personalised health recommendations.

We anticipate that skin temperature readings will be introduced in the coming months, most likely during the summer season. As the Galaxy Watch Series 6 is expected to debut in late August, it would not look good for Samsung to delay enabling this feature on the existing series beyond that timeframe.

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