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Garmin users speak out: What they want from the Fenix 8 watch

Garmin’s watches have long held a reputation as the preferred choice for those serious about their athletic pursuits. But what are the expectations for the upcoming Fenix 8? We’ve compiled a wishlist from a dedicated Garmin user forum.

The Fenix series, renowned for its robust features and durability, has secured an important position in the market. However, the world of wearable technology is ever-evolving. To stay competitive, Garmin must continually innovate and enhance its offerings.

So, what are the features that loyal Garmin customers are hoping to see in the next iteration of this popular device? What would convince them to upgrade from the Fenix currently sitting on their wrist?

To find these answers, we turned to the most reliable source – the users themselves. We explored an extensive forum thread where Garmin enthusiasts shared their expectations for the forthcoming Fenix 8. The feedback was varied and insightful, offering a glimpse into the potential future of this much-loved series. For more insights, check out our article detailing our own wishlist.

Garmin Fenix 8 user wishlist

Power up: Battery life

Garmin watches are known for their excellent battery life. And the Fenix range is no exception. This is particularly the case when you compare Garmin timepieces to the likes of the Apple Watch of wearOS devices.

Neverthless, a common theme among users was a desire for even longer battery life. Many suggested that this could be achieved through more efficient solar panels, for example. The ability to go longer between charges is an important feature for those who use their Fenix watch in the great outdoors.

Dive deeper: Scuba diving sensor

The Fenix series has always been about versatility. Users want to see this taken a step further with the addition of a depth sensor for scuba diving. This feature would allow the watch to track a wider range of activities and cater to an even broader user base.

Light the way: Flashlight feature

A flashlight feature, particularly on the midsize model, was a popular request. This practical addition would undoubtedly come in handy for those late-night runs or unexpected situations in the wilderness. To remind, for Fenix watches this is only available on 7X and the 7 Pro range.

Speak up: Voice prompts

Users are looking for more interactive features, such as voice prompts during activities. The catch? They want these prompts to come from the watch’s speaker, not earphones. This feature would make the Fenix 8 more user-friendly during workouts.

Store more: Increased storage space

With the increasing number of features and apps available on smartwatches, users are asking for more storage space. Suggestions ranged upwards of 64GB, allowing users to take full advantage of all the Fenix 8 could offer.

Clear view: Improved display

An improved display was another common request. Users want to see an increase in color depth and screen resolution, as well as larger display sizes. These enhancements would make the watch easier to use in various lighting conditions and make the user experience more enjoyable. A reduction in bezel size (as we have seen in some recent Garmin watches), would also be nice.

Heart of the matter: Better heart rate monitor

Health tracking is a significant aspect of any smartwatch. Users suggested that the heart rate monitor could be improved by allowing them to set the monitoring frequency. This customization would make health tracking more flexible and user-friendly. To remind, Garmin has debuted the Elevate 4 sensor on the 7 Pro watch which offers some improvements over the predecessor generation.

Safety first: distress transmitter

Safety is always a concern, especially for those that like spending time a lot of time outdoors and out of the way areas. One user suggested the addition of a distress transmitter that could send distress messages over a certain frequency band. This feature could potentially be a lifesaver in emergency situations.

Light as a feather

Some users expressed a desire for a lightweight version of the Fenix watch. They suggested some trade-offs, such as ditching solar, touchscreen, wi-fi, and music, and reducing the battery size. This version would cater to more casual athletes and make the watch more comfortable for all-day wear. But then again, isn’t this something already offered by the Forerunner range?

GPS accuracy

Maintaining or improving the GPS accuracy of the Fenix series was also a concern for some users.

Bug fixes

Several users mentioned that they would like to see Garmin fix existing bugs in the Fenix 7 before releasing the Fenix 8. This includes functions that worked in the Fenix 6 but not in the Fenix 7. Sounds like a sensible suggestion…

Will Garmin deliver?

Garmin users have spoken, and their wishlist for the Fenix 8 is clear. They’re looking for a device that’s versatile, user-friendly, and packed with features that cater to their active lifestyles.

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The ball is now in Garmin’s court to meet these expectations. While it’s uncertain which of these requests will be fulfilled, we’re optimistic that many will be addressed. There’s no denying that the Fenix 8 has a high bar to meet.

Interestingly, some features from our wishlist were not mentioned. These include enhanced training metrics, reliable sleep tracking (including nap tracking!), additional sensors, an improved smartwatch experience, a cellular model, and more.

What features are you hoping to see in the next Fenix iteration? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Garmin users speak out: What they want from the Fenix 8 watch

  • Garmin will fall behind within next year if they don’t release a cellular option on their fenix/epix range. I want a watch that can be your everything if you venture of the beaten track but your lifeline if it’s needed. If Apple improve their battery performance on ultra people will ditch their Garmin overnight! Get it together guys!! Running out of time!!!

  • what about a bigger screen (in same sized housing)? garmin could have an unique selling point by having the most biggest screen ever (on the X-size) – as well would separate the fenix series to the epix series better. the fenix7 has already a slimmer bazel. so why not eliminate this ugly looking solar circle and instead enlarging the screen?

  • I will keep my Fenix 6 PRO until a new Fenix model will allow to manage phone calls from the watch ( watch will be provided with microphone and loudspeaker)… or until battery will perform efficiently! 😅
    Michele from Italy


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