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A look at Garmin’s new Backup/Restore Settings function

Garmin has introduced a backup/restore settings function in a beta version of firmware update 14.23 for a select range of its watches. This feature, initially seen in the Epix Pro and Fenix 7 Pro series, is now being extended to the non-Pro editions, as well as Enduro 2, Quatix 7 and MARQ Gen 2.

This backup/restore function was briefly available in another Beta for these watches a few months ago. However, it was quickly removed, likely due to ongoing development. Now, it has been reintroduced, offering users an additional tool for managing their device settings.

Why Backup/Restore?

The backup/restore function offers users a practical way to save their settings and profiles. This feature serves as a safeguard for personalized settings, ensuring that users can easily recover their preferred configurations in various scenarios.

One such instance is when a user needs to reset their device back to its default settings. This process typically erases all personalized settings, but with the backup/restore function, users can quickly restore their preferred settings without having to manually reconfigure their device.

Another scenario where this function proves useful is when a user receives a replacement device from Garmin. Instead of spending time reconfiguring the new device to match the settings of the old one, users can simply restore the settings from a backup, making the transition to the new device seamless and hassle-free.

Interestingly, the backup/restore function also facilitates the transfer of settings between different watches. If a user decides to replace their watch, they can use a backup from their old watch to restore settings on the new one. This feature not only saves time but also ensures consistency in the user experience across devices.

Lastly, the backup/restore function provides users with peace of mind. Knowing that their personalized settings are safely backed up allows users to experiment with different configurations without the fear of losing their preferred settings. This gives freedom to fully explore the capabilities of their Garmin devices.

Accessing the function

To access this function, go to ‘System’ > ‘Backups and Restore’ on your watch. After updating to the latest firmware, you won’t have any backups, but you can easily create new ones. When you initiate a backup, you’ll receive a message that it is queued for an upload. These backups are stored on the Garmin Connect platform, not on the device itself.

Garmin Connect is integral to the backup/restore process. You can restore your backups via the smartphone app. To do this, click on the watch icon at the top, go to Settings, and select ‘Backup & Restore’.

There’s also an option for automatic backups, which can be set to occur regularly without needing to manually initiate them.

Looking ahead

The Forerunner 955 and 255 series has also recently received a significant update with new features. But the backup/restore function was not included. Hopefully this function will be added to these and other Garmin watches in the near future.

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The reintroduction of Garmin’s backup/restore function provides users with a useful tool for managing their device settings. Currently, this is in Beta. But the public release should follow in a few weeks time.

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  • Does Garmin watch backup, backup IQ Store watch faces? Can they be restored to a different Garmin watch?


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