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Leaked images give us a glimpse of Galaxy Fit3

Samsung’s wearable ambitions may not end with the Galaxy Watch 6 line in 2023. The company might also release the Galaxy Fit3 activity band as indicated by leaked images and a recent FCC filing.

This was actually expected last year. A person posed a question on the Korean branch of the Samsung Community forums at the time – about the Galaxy Fit3, and when we might see it. A Samsung moderator commented on the potential release date by saying the activity band would most likely launch by the end of 2022. Adding that if there’s a delay, we might see it in early 2023.

As it turns out, a delay did happen. Perhaps a longer delay than anticipated.

The Korean forum moderator also provided some insights into the pricing strategy. The Galaxy Fit3 is expected to maintain price parity with its predecessor, the Fit2, retailing at around KRW 50,000, which is approximately $60 or €50.

In September we spotted some some new information. The soon-to-be-released fitness tracker has cleared FCC certification (via), bearing the model number SM-R390. A glance at its design blueprints reveals a heart rate sensor on the back, as well as two pogo pins designated for charging.

Galaxy Fit3

These details—model number, form factor, and schematics—strongly indicate that the device is indeed an activity band. And the Fit device is the only one from Samsung that fits the bill.

Leaked images

Courtesy of WindowsReport, we not have the marketing images of the device. There is no info on tech specs but the pics speak for themselves. The device will be very different from its predecessor, with a large case which is there to accompany the sizeable AMOLED display. The publication speculates that Fit 3 might even run on Android OS instead of the old rtOS.

A three year gap

It has been a while since we saw the launch of Galaxy Fit2. You need to go all the way back to September 2020, so a full three years. Which is a long time in the wearable tech space. That model featured significant improvements over its predecessor. This includes a doubled battery life lasting over two weeks and a larger 1.1-inch display, compared to the previous 0.9-inch screen.

The industry has evolved since then, with blood oxygen tracking becoming a standard feature. An increase in screen size is also plausible. Particularly when you take into consideration the current trend that blurs the distinction between fitness bands and smartwatches. In fact, the images do suggest a device that is wider than the current iteration.

Additionally, the inclusion of built-in GPS is not out of the question. However, this would likely push the price point higher.

Potential release date

There isn’t much time if we are going to see the device in 2023. Releasing a new wearable in December is not likely as the holiday sales will be in full swing by then.

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Another prime window for the device’s launch could be the onset of 2024, coinciding with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This event often serves as a platform for major tech announcements, making it a suitable stage for Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Fit3, if it hasn’t by then.

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