Start 2024 the right way with the Apple Watch ‘Ring in the New Year’ challenge

The Apple Watch ‘Ring in the New Year’ challenge will be live once again on January 1st. Its aim is to help you start off 2024 the right way.

Users will soon receive a notification informing them what they need to do to win medals in the Activity app. Additional prizes come in the form of stickers for use in Messages and FaceTime.

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As in some of the previous years, the task boils down to closing the Apple Watch activity rings for a week in the month of January. This can only be done by meeting all stand, exercise and move goals for 7 days. But remember, you need to achieve this seven days in a row. Otherwise it doesn’t count! So it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Let’s go for it in 2024. Earn this award by closing all three rings for seven days in a row in January.

The challenge was mysteriously missing in 2019. But it has been back since then. This means 2024 will be the fifth year in a row we are seeing it. The design of the award will remain pretty much the same in 2023, it is only the year that has changed.

Apple has skipped the Thanksgiving challenge once again this year. The last one that we saw was on November 11th to honor Veterans Day in the US. On the big day users who wanted the badge were required to do any workout, that’s recorded through the Workout app, lasting 11 minutes or more.

Unlike the Veterans Day challenge, the New Year challenge will be available both to those in the US and other countries. So wherever you are, it will be there to help with those New Year resolutions. The challenge might also come in handy when it comes to shedding those extra holiday pounds!

Source: Macrumours

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3 thoughts on “Start 2024 the right way with the Apple Watch ‘Ring in the New Year’ challenge

  • I worked really hard to achieve this badge during the last 7 days of January, and though I closed all rings, 7 days in a row as specified, I was not awarded by badge.

  • I was in the middle of completing this challenge. Yesterday was Day 4 of 7. Today I went to see how close I was to finishing the day and the challenge was gone. Disappeared completely from my phone. All the limited edition challenges have disappeared entirely. I feel ripped off 😡

  • I see the new year challenge but not a monthly January challenge. Anyone else having this problem?


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