A look back: How to view your past year summary on Garmin

As we embrace 2024, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the past year. For those with a Garmin fitness tracker or smartwatch, delving into your annual summary can be enlightening. How did you fare? Let’s explore how to access this information.

Reviewing your previous year’s fitness data offers valuable insights into your health and fitness journey. It helps you spot trends and patterns in your activities, aligning them with your fitness objectives. This retrospective analysis is key to pinpointing areas for improvement.

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Moreover, with the onset of the New Year, many of us have pledged resolutions. However, as you set goals for the upcoming 12 months, revisiting your last year’s fitness data is crucial. It enables you to establish realistic, data-informed targets. Remember, if your goals seem daunting, it’s wiser to adjust them progressively rather than abandoning them entirely.

A common observation is that most people’s New Year resolutions dwindle by mid-February. Strive not to fall into this pattern. Stay committed and let your past year’s data guide your future fitness journey.

Viewing summary stats in Garmin Connect

The Garmin Connect website is great and provides far more access to your data than the watch or the Connect smartphone app. It is also easier to navigate and find things.

A feature that is a little diffficult to find, however, is the past year summary. Similar to what is available with other brands, Garmin also provides this overview. But few people are aware of it.

After you’ve logged in, navigate to the Reports tab on the Garmin Connect website. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see a Progress Summary option. It’s right at the bottom.

This opens up a new page where you can view an overview for the previous year, month, week, and previous years. Select a time period from the available options.

Garmin end year summary
Select date range

Then you’ll need to select how to group the data. There are time options, along with activity and event. A useful one is “Group by Year”. This provides an excellent overview of your long-term progress. .

Garmin end year summary
Select how to group the data

There’s also the option to choose a specific activity. Most of the data that you get as a post-activity summary, appears in these tables. If you choose “All Activities” you’ll only get the headline stats.

Garmin end year summary
Select activity

The feature provides lots of data, allowing you to easily check your summary stats. Here’s a yearly overview of running activity. Scroll left-right to navigate through the various statistics.

Garmin end year summary
Year-by-year summary for running

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find a “customize” drop down list. This allows you to select which data shows for a selected table. Next to this is a self-explanatory “Export to CSV” option.

We hope this information is useful to some readers who may have previously been unaware of this option. Check out your annual fitness stats as they will provide useful information about your physical activity and progress. And they will help to keep you motivated.

What about steps, sleep and other data?

Diving into your exercise statistics is just the beginning. The great news is that Garmin Connect also allows you to view annual summaries of various health metrics, including steps, intensity minutes, average resting heart rate, stress levels, sleep duration, and more. The key is knowing where to find this treasure trove of data.

To access this comprehensive information, head to the Reports section on the Garmin Connect website. Instead of selecting Progress Summary, navigate to Health and Fitness. Here, a dropdown list presents various metrics for you to explore.

Let’s take steps as an example. Upon selecting this metric, a new screen appears, offering options to view daily, 7-day, 4-week, and 1-year totals. Opt for the yearly summary to get a broad view of your activity. If you’re curious about past years, simply use the calendar arrows to navigate backward.

This same process applies to all other health and fitness metrics. Armed with this data, you’re now ready to set ambitious yet attainable goals for 2024 and see them through

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